Day Wave-Total Zombie

Time in between.

Nothing really to celebrate this weekend, even though the media suggests to us at every turn, we should celebrate the Oscars. I am feeling the depths of winter frustration and locked in boredom. Yes, I have cleaned out my pantry (who knew I had cans from 2011?), read a book, trolled the internet and even walked under gray skies suggesting rain at any moment.

I am in desperate need of a happy upbeat tune and I bet you are too, based on the weather forecasts across the country.


Thank you, Day Wave for bringing me a cheery, poppy fun song. I can almost close my eyes and imagine the warm sun on my shoulders as I am running toward the crashing ocean waves with my body board. I am daydreaming about my happy place right now, and yes this would be the magical tune in my head.

“We’ll be alright

we’ll be alright…”

Day Wave is Jackson Phillips from Oakland, California and he is the creator of this timeless surf-pop. It is sparkly and fresh and I welcome it with open arms. “Total Zombie” is his second release so far, and I think it might hint at a possible debut EP coming soon.



Let’s hope so. I know I’ll be listening for more, because winter can’t last forever.

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