Mood Monday-The Bots-No One Knows, Blinded-El Perro Del Mar-God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)

Mood Monday.


It is just one of those days. Too much time on my hands and lots of over thinking, sprinkled with a heavy dose of confusion. I am at a wild cross-road. Yep, I seem to be stuck in the muck and mud of my own head. I’m just not sure of the path I should take. Usually when I feel like this, a two-hour bike ride forces me to focus and I return home with great clarity.

Well, no bike ride today, too cold and frankly too much to do. I did exercise as much as I could. I was interrupted quite often and lost track of counts and sets. But, how could I be mad at this little love of my life?


Puppy kisses when you least expect it are the best!

Why can’t decisions and people be that easy?

I am going to take a gander at why….Dogs and pets love so unconditionally. They never stop, they never leave your side and they constantly work toward pleasing and loving you. They act without question and thought. They are spontaneously child-like.


I want to work toward connecting the disconnects in my life. In most of my relationships, I have to admit that unfortunately, I think about my own needs. It is a human flaw that constantly rears its ugly head and is a major catalyst of my overall dissatisfaction within myself. Perhaps, this is where I need to make my change.

I love my friends that make me laugh, that listen with their hearts, and that don’t take me too seriously, but can engage in a thought-provoking conversation with ease. Yes, I need people around me with depth, no games, no drama, no holding back and worrying. Am I that person for others? Hmmmm.

A bike ride always helps me get outside of my head, and without that, I have to find other ways to start fresh. Believe it or not, writing my blog and listening to lots of music is one more way that helps me achieve that place of personal definition and understanding.

Right here, right now, I want to make every effort to be more unselfish. I want to be a good listener and check in for friends, loved ones, and family and not just for me.  I will be more grateful for the sweet people who are in my life, and at the same time seek new, exciting friendships as well.  I want to be grateful for any strengths I might possess and not focus so much on my weaknesses and disappointments. I want to embrace joy by taking my life, one step at a time. I will not over think, but just allow my uncertain future to unfold organically. It is a crossroad, but time can bring change. Change can certainly bring growth, and growth can bring joy.

“Nobody cares when you are gone

nobody cares when you are wrong

the light outside is fading soon 

branches of trees fall down too

to the end of this day

to the end of this day

But you don’t know

you don’t know which way to go

you don’t know when to slow down….”


A joyous discovery….The Bots.

The Bots are Anaiah Lei on drums/vocals/keys and Mikaiah Lei on guitar/vocals/keys from California. They are brothers and so very young, but don’t count them out for youth and inexperience. They have toured with amazing bands (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blur, Refused, and Bad Brains) and have nods and invitations from huge music festivals and yes even, NPR and Rolling Stone. Just listen and you will appreciate their sound. The magic is that they will continue to grow and I want to be around to listen.


I first listened to their newest tune, “Blinded” which is flawless in its garage-rock sound and delivery, and I am partial to it because it led me to my first Mood Monday tune, “No One Knows”. Both songs are from their album Pink Palms. If you are like me, you will want more, so here is the tune, “Blinded”, that sent me to them in the first place, enjoy!

Crank it up and jam with me.


Then, because I have been over thinking, I am going to over share. Going in a crazy, different musical direction, I heard this song on a recent tv show and found it to be the lovely addition and twist to my Mood Monday. It strikes the message I need to reflect on and act on. This song spoke to me today and now maybe I can clear my head and move forward.

“Gotta give to get back to the love…”



El Perro Del Mar (The Sea Dog), is a Swedish pop singer, Sarah Assbring. She is new to me and I love the throw back sound she has created in this tune. A simple sound, reflecting on a simple message, and bringing to mind a much simpler time.

I think I’ll listen again and again.

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  1. love reading this Carrie! And you have wonderful qualities that I cherish! You are a great friend and I thank you for that!~

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