Mariage Blanc-We’ve Got Time

Mood Monday.

Monday is the perfect day of the week where we need to de-stress, right?


Today’s mood Monday song, “We’ve Got Time”, is soft, subtle but powerful in a beautifully, reflective way. I am a sucker for the perfection of carefully placed guitar strumming, paired with vocals that soothe my ears and warm my heart.  From the vocals, to the lyrics, guitars, and toe tapping drums, this is definitely a band to watch.

“And you’re delicate in black and white

so don’t drag it through your sentimental side

cause we’ve got time to kill it all……”

Mariage Blanc, out of Pittsburgh PA, is Josh Kretzmer, Matt Ceraso, Josh Dotson and Rich Kawood and they are in position to really take off with their new album, No Autobiography, to be released April 7th. Huffington Post has already featured their first song release “Blue Eyes”.


They have been releasing music for several years now, but this tune, “We’ve Got Time” really speaks to me musically as well as soothingly. After Josh moved from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, the band had some planning and thinking to do. Matt Ceraso wrote in a recent piece for The Vinyl District,

“In a lot of ways we feel as though we’re just starting to hit our stride as artists. As the years pass, we feel a constant drive to push ourselves to see what we’re capable of creating next, and we’ve found that it’s become something of an obsession. We also find ourselves in a situation that I suspect many other artists our age find themselves in, which involves having to strike a balance between your “artistic” life and your “adult” life. What we have come to realize is this: if you’re serious enough about seeing an artistic vision through, nobody is stopping you from doing things on your own terms. You don’t have to just be the starving artist who disregards all other aspects of life, and you don’t have to just be Joe Shmo who gave up something he was passionate about because he’s got a 9-5 now. Life is not black and white, and being an artist is not an all-or-nothing proposition.”


Well said, well said! This is a much-needed thought and sound for Monday, or everyday for that matter. Passion should always find a prominent place in your life. This band introduction was a happy in-box for me, and I really can’t wait to hear more. Please be sure to check them out on Facebook. Then, go ahead, and put this song on repeat, ’cause if you’re like me, the more you listen the more you will love it.

More here, if you are like me and can’t get enough….



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