Bear’s Den-Her Tears, Agape



“Her Tears” speaks for itself with an unexpected twist. You must take a thoughtful moment to listen.

If this song doesn’t make you melt….I deem you as the tin man with no heart and probably not missing it in the least.


Bear’s Den is from the UK, but they have taken the Americana folk sound to a creative new level of raw feelings, combined with layers of strings and vocals. They are Andrew Davie, Kev Jones & Joey Haynes. This trio makes doggone beautiful music! There are no words to express the depth of emotion in their thoughtful songs.


In a novel I read recently, (Zafon’s, The Shadow of the Wind), there was a quote,

“Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you.”

I think that must be true of music as well? Perhaps, true connections to sounds and lyrics are just mirroring and bubbling up, meaningful and unforgettable personal experiences. The idea of this kind of heart-breaking love is pretty powerful, but the way Bear’s Den lyrically folds it and kneads it in a song….well, that simply blows me away.

And of course, one song by Bear’s Den isn’t enough.

Agape means love, brotherly love, or the love of God for man, or man for God. Interesting to really contemplate those definitions when you listen to this song, “Agape”, and observe their inability to stop time and their obvious demise.

Check them out on Facebook, like them, and maybe they’ll head back to the states soon.


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