Zoogma-Holdin On’ (Live Flume Cover)

You have to eventually come down… I guess.

This Monday, I am coming down from an almost perfect weekend.


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I can’t even name it all, but you get the picture. Do you ever have one of those long weekends that you just don’t want to ever come to an end? You amazingly feel connected to everybody and everything you love, and somehow rediscover what you think might just be missing, a little bit.

Well, I actually can think of some important moments that might have been missing, but for the most part, it was one of those shiny, sparkly weekends.

Now, I have to shake back into the hum drum of a weekday. I am coming down and I definitely need to pump up my mood with today’s music.

A night out on the Charleytown, leaves me wanting more. Dinner at Leon’s was yummy perfection, with a gracious manager of only two days, overflowing with southern charm, paired with an amazing oyster shucker, Kevin, that smilingly took the time to chat while he worked away at diggin’ out about a hundred or more oysters (in @ 15 minutes time).

Have you ever been stuck in pluff mud? Well, Kevin, my oyster shuckin’ friend, shared with me a gem that I have to share with you. Forgive me for paraphrasing his beautiful words.



…Oysters and their birth place of pluff mud is like life…..

You trudge through the mud with a sinking, stuck feeling  and then suddenly find a hidden treasure in the midst of the yuck. Yes, the oyster, the meat, and tasty salt of the earth….

Go out and seek the treasures.

Then I found this….

“Oysters are the most tender and delicate of all seafoods. They stay in bed all day and night. They never work or take exercise, are stupendous drinkers, and wait for their meals to come to them.”
Hector Bolitho ‘The Glorious Oyster’ (1960)


According to Buff Ross and his article in Charleston Magazine, “Pluff mud or “plough mud,” depending on the century of your birth, is an oozy, viscous, dark-brown miasma. The origin and the accompanying smell is the rare confluence of abundant life and death.”

In my own personal history, I love to drive through the lowcountry marshes and roll down the windows to happily and deeply inhale this scent of those secret, hidden, and  yummy riches. Pluff mud, the scent and the beauty represents my past, my present, and my hopeful future. Home.

After dinner at Leon’s, we headed out to a wonderful, personality plus hole in the wall bar called The Palace Hotel. There, I was treated to the best beer I have had in a long time, a Matilda, and fun people who indulged me and endlessly chatted about music.


So, I was convinced to listen to the music they loved and sho’ nuff, it surely suits my mood. A jumpin’ dancin’ happy tune that makes you think back on that incredible weekend, and it also helps bridge the giant gap to the next weekend. Be sure to listen all the way through, because the repeated sound at the first will shift and you will find a soulful rock and roll treasure of a Flume cover.

Zoogma is out of Nashville, Tennessee and combines a dancing DJ sound with a four piece rock and roll band. They seamlessly blend genres in their music and pique the interest of a variety of listeners. They are Brock Bowling – Guitar, Live Sequencing Matt Harris – Drums, Live Sequencing Justin Hasting – Guitar, and Synthesizer Ryan Nall – Bass, Synthesizer. Check them out on Facebook.



I am holdin’ on, yes I am.

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