The Tallest Man On Earth-Dark Bird Is Home


Just wow.  This artist will make you think a little, question, and wonder. Folk music at its best.

If you listen to this song as carefully and as repeatedly as I have, you will appreciate the almost conversational style of expression. But don’t settle into that, because at 3:22, the full impact of drums and music and an orchestral blast hits your ears….full throttle! So be patient and wait. Yes my heart did a lil’ flip of joyous love, for sure. Turn it up for your second listen, cause I know you’ll have to listen again.


“No this is not the end and no final tears

That will lead to show

I thought that this would last for a million years

But now I need to go…”


Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man On Earth, is a modern day Bob Dylan from Sweden. This song, “Dark Bird Is Home”, is so beautifully and simply strummed with the quick addition of some nice fingerpicks for musical interest and emphasis.


The new album is Dark Bird Is Home and is due out May 12th via Dead Oceans.

Here’s the trailer for the album and the poetic explanation that takes away the melancholy and sprouts a dash of simple hope….”This is the not the end , no this is fine.”

If you love this, like I do, you must also listen to another essential track from the new album, “Sagres”. Yes, addictive, so addictive and worthy of a little musical binge.

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