Bear On Fire-Red Belly

Mood Monday….

I don’t know much about this band but, wow!


In your soul, in your heart

filled with ????,  from the start

take control of my heart

felt this way, from the start…”



I don’t know much about them, but Bear On Fire is Morgan – Vocals/Acoustic guitar, Adam – Vocals/Guitar, Chris – Vocals/Bass, Patrick – Drums, Ben – Keys/percussion, and Nick – Guitar.



Their new “break out” tune, “Comfortable”, came to my attention recently. As I researched this band, I listened to this tune as well. “Red Belly” speaks to me today.

No explanation is really necessary with this lovely song.

If you insist that I give you the scoop, the lyrics describe my love and fascination with the low country of South Carolina….


Thank you Bear On Fire!
















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