Ducktails-Headbanging in the Mirror

Mood Monday.

I need a nap…..or a nice quiet drive in the country.


“Headbanging In The Mirror
Wish I could see so much clearer
Just let me come down from the speeding
Afternoon interior dream”

I recognize the musical style almost immediately, Real Estate or Ducktails, it really doesn’t matter to me. I actually love the sound of both bands. In this tune, the guitar is softly perfect and the vibe is so incredibly chill that I have to stop and take a moment to listen.

Really listen.

When a song begins with a steady drum beat then progresses to woozy guitar strumming….what is not to love? The perfect song for my Monday mood.


Ducktails is Matt Mondanile, and he is best known for the band Real Estate. A new album, from his single project under the name Ducktails, will be released on July 24th with the title, St Catherine. I look forward to the newest of his musical endeavors. If this song, “Headbanging in the Mirror” gives us any little hint into what might be next, then I am one happy camper!


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