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Mood Monday has become harder and harder to write this summer. I feel as if I am always behind and late on these posts. Please know, I am sifting through the music, carefully deciding, and my post will eventually show up. I hope you will keep looking out for it and listening.


Do you remember Horton Hears A Who, by Dr. Suess? Horton, the elephant, heard quiet voices from a teeny, tiny puff ball of dust, no one in the jungle believed him, but he protected the small world he heard and made every effort to prove their existence. Written in 1954 and following the main theme, a person’s a person no matter how small, Dr. Suess was really trying to impress upon the importance of understanding all people by putting all differences aside.

Well, and making sure we listen.

Why do I have tears in my eyes thinking about that? Perhaps lately my voice feels like the little people that live on the dust ball in this story….peon in size and forgotten.

‘We are here, we are here, we are here!’ The world has become so fast and full, I think feelings are forgotten, decency is ignored, and polite skills take a back burner in a weird fear of screaming, weakness.


I think I am a good listener. I take time to ask important but non-probing questions and I breathe deeply before I follow up with a response. I absorb the words, facial expressions, and body language. But why do the most important people in my life have the hardest time with this? In silent protest, I just stop listening. It takes too much effort anymore and it seems I am the one who gets the short end of the stick. I am tired of doing more than my fair share of anything.

Does this frustration bring me any joy? No. Does this frustration change anything? No. Why do I continue to be sad about it? My thought lies with the world on that dust speck in Horton Hears A Who, I want to be heard, listened to, and cared about.

Dang, it is so simple, so why is it so hard?

A first day of school, the first time you mastered an amazing feat, a new exciting venture, all of those can be a moment in time that will never be repeated.  Each of those moments can be tremendously life changing, confusing, exciting, and hard. I care, why can’t others care? Are we so detached that we can scroll through those life changing moments like a social media feed.

‘Like’ and move on.


I beg to differ because I need more. Don’t you? I need friends and family that engage with my life and care about my answer when they ask how I am doing. Well, and I need them to actually ask how I am doing every once in a while, simply because I am not a trumpet that blasts unwanted information to everyone. I hold my goings on very close to my chest. I know others do to, because when I ask and truly listen, they open the flood gates of communication and tell their truth. Authenticity is something I strive for and when someone I meet exudes that in conversation, it totally floors me as unique and special and worthy of listening.

Do you listen to others to help deepen and improve your relationships? I have been failing miserably at this lately. I admit it. But do you ever feel as if no one is listening to you, so you just shut down and quit listening too? It is a terrible trap and it actually sabotages any hope to fix the original fear of not being heard. Take it from me….a multiple offender.

This beautiful song, “We Were Here”, oddly reminds me of all these deep emotions and quirks that are within me. We all want to be remembered and cherished, right? What traces will you leave? This song is a beautiful reminder of the need for being on someone’s mind, in their thoughts, and truly remembered.



I welcome new and exciting music from a band I blogged about last November, BOY. The Swiss/German duo is singer Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass. Their sophomore album with the same title, We Were Here is out September 18th. Follow them on Facebook because they have a lovely video coming out soon (according to twitter…maybe today). They played SXSW this past year and built a nice US following, despite multiple mishaps and sound equipment frustrations. They were saved by their beautiful voices and powerful music which needed no sparkly embellishment, just one unplugged guitar.


According to Nettwork,

“Their new album finds BOY spreading their wings, exploring new textures and musical approaches while remaining true to their aesthetic. We Were Here is a sharp burst of delightful melodies, perfectly poised craft and mischievous grace.”

I will listen, for sure. In the process, this song reminds me of the importance of memories and the strong history that is the foundation of all of my friendships and relationships.


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.09.55 AMFortunately, in Horton’s story, a little boy was called out for not yelling when the Who’s down in Whoville were about to be destroyed. His little “Yopp!” was the saving sound that helped them to be heard. Who knows what little voice could be important in your life, right?

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