Josh Stevens-Hill Top ft. Spencer Ludwig



This is the perfect tune for the weekend with a crazy good, upbeat vibe packed full of energy and love. You’ll be singing along in no time…



It is what we all want deep down inside, someone to love us no matter what, and of course it helps if they are shouting it from the hilltops, right?

I think so.

What strikes me about this song is the lyrics hint of infatuation, newness, and connectedness. But the idea behind Josh Steven’s new album, Story of Summer, is more of a roller coaster ride than staying in love euphoria. He has put together the songs that will describe a romance with a fictional character “Anna”.

“It’s a first person perspective to the rise and fall of a relationship. The setting of this love story takes place in the sunny beach city of  Los Angeles, California. It follows Josh through different stages of extreme euphoria to the darkest lows of meaningless one-night stands…”

I am intrigued by the idea behind this album, as well as the first track, “Hill Top”,  he has sent out into the world. It is a brilliant shining song and the trumpet addition (around 3:30) from Spencer Ludwig, of Capital Cities,  adds an additional sparkle that keeps the song fresh and hip. The EP, Story of Summer features guest appearances from Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities, Drew Hester of Foo Fighters, Matt Mcjunkin of A Perfect Circle & Pusifer and Thurz of Red Bull Sound Select.

Josh Stevens and Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities writing at Studio City Sound, Ca 2015
Josh Stevens is usually working behind the scene as a successful songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. He has collaborated with Jennifer Lopez, LMFAO, Pitbull, Steve Aoki, Young, Jeezy and Ne-Yo, winning a multitude of awards. He began with hip hop, but has found his voice and modern sound in pop/indie- rock/dance. It is cool that with this song and this album he is upfront and center.
I am glad that he has come full circle and I highly anticipate his new album. For now, I think I’ll listen to “Hill Top” again and welcome the weekend. Have a good one y’all!

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