Forebear-People’s Champ


Lost love can be harsh.


The moment you realize the feelings are gone or your love is moving on, can be devastating. How does one rebound from the rejection of it? This is a tough one to answer, simply because it is different for different people. I do know that we all share a moment in time where we felt a portion or all of these feelings. The loss can be your own doing or can be brought on and prompted by your significant other. The emotions are deep and somewhat cruel…biting really.

We survive and mostly thrive because we learn something important about ourselves. We learn our boundaries and our places where we become vulnerable and weak. We make every effort to shore up the divide and create a stronger thicker skin around our heart. When we find another love who can push beyond that and stay there, we learn they are keepers, right?

I don’t really know what to say, except this song is just incredibly cool. I love the minimalist sound, but it pushes bigger with its clear and thoughtful lyrics. The old style radio voice adds dimension to the vocals and honestly makes the tune memorable and quite frankly, unforgettable. Enjoy the new single from the indie-rock group, Forebear. The track, “People’s Champ”, is produced by the famed producer/engineer Scott Gordon (Alanis Morissette, Ringo Starr). This song comes from their four song EP, Cody, and this song, “People’s Champ” is the first track.

“I’ll miss you when you go
Wanted to be there
Offer my goodbyes
Let you know I care

I’ll befriend your ghost
She’s easier to see
Introverted flames
A mystical reprieve
Winter into Spring

Is my imagination a fire
That warms or destroys
In your evaluation
Make sure to note
I’ll miss you when you go

Symptomatic needs
Where is there a home
That nurtures disbelief
Winter into Spring

Is my imagination a fire
That warms or destroys
In your evaluation
Make sure to note
I’ll miss you when you go

I’ll miss you when you go”




Composed of some of LA’s most prolific musicians, the band met in early 2014 in the Los Angeles professional music scene. Scott Goldbaum (formerly of Wise Cub) leads the band with vocals and melodic guitar, while Molly Rogers’ viola adds a subtle but worldly classicism. Mike Mussleman (drums) and Nick Chadian (bass) complete the four piece with impressive talent. Individually, band members have worked with artists/bands including Feist, Bastille, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, and Kimbra among others.

When asked about the EP, Scott explained,

“The record talks a lot about bonds between people.  If the record is encouraging people to aspire to anything I would say it’s all about finding peace over the course of suffering, being proud of every step taken, reconciling with the fact you don’t have control over everything, calling those things about by name and , marinating in them, learning from them, and valuing the catharsis that comes from sharing those experiences for what they were, both dreadful and wonderful.”

Deep meaningful music, how can I possibly ignore?

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