Mood Monday-Hippo Campus-The Halocline

Mood Monday

I can’t get enough of the band, Hippo Campus. Their newest song gives me chills to my core. It is so simple, yet amazingly powerful as it builds to an explosive sound at @ 4:17. Listen and love.

“…this is my home

this is my only way



Introducing the track for Entertainment Weekly, Luppen says, “ ‘The Halocline’ literally means the illusion of oxygen in water typically seen by scuba divers in caves. We came across the concept right after we graduated high school and started the band. It serves as a metaphor for us that many of the things we were taught about the world growing up have been falsehoods. In a sense, it’s the idea to never take things at face value.”


A pretty amazing sound for four guys who are recent grads from high school and are about to release not their first, but their second EP! South is due out on October 2nd. Hippo Campus is Jack Luppen, Zach Sutton, Whistler Allen, and Nathan Stocker. Named after a storage compartment in the brain, lead singer Luppen explained, “I thought it would help people remember our band better”.

Okay, that’s funny, because I’m pretty sure, the music they create is what plants them firmly in my memory.




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