Music Midtown-August Alsina or Tove Lo-Get excited and listen with me


August Alsina and Tove Lo share music I want to coin the ‘sexed up love hour’ at an early set on Friday for Music Midtown Festival. Each create songs  which reflect wanting, needing, hopeful body connecting love.  Different genres…August with a hip hop pop, and Tove Lo with an indie-pop disco sound, but each have a distinct sound that woos and commands the listener to suggestively recall lovers, past, present , and future.  Hmmm. Just listen.




From a young age, August’s life has been intertwined with the perils of drugs. Both his father and stepfather battled crack addictions, forcing August’s mother to move the family to Houston in search of a fresh start. Alas, H-Town offered no alleviation. August endured a home life plagued by drugs, violence, and struggle. At just 14, he got word from New Orleans that his father, August Sr., lost his battle with substance abuse.

Adrift without a male role model, August found solace in music. He used that for his own personal battle for life and living. Now in New Orleans, he seems to have made a leap from the frustrations of a lost soul to one who moves others with powerful music.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.22.51 PM
V Magazine photo shoot

A beauty with a powerful force of pop from Stockholm, Sweden, Tove Lo, has built a serious following. In this picture her trademark long locks have been chopped, but her striking good looks can’t be ignored.

From Universal Music Sweden, (translation) “I want it to feel what I sing about, says Tove Lo. Even those who do not listen to the lyrics should know what I want. The music is best when it’s honest. When you really put their heart on paper.
It’s hard not to be swept away by Tove Los dark, catchy pop music. With heavy electronic beats, crystal clear melodies and honest lyrics hits her music straight to the heart. There are songs in which every note strikes a sense, whether it is love or grief, euphoria or despair.”

Who would be your choice?

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