Music Midtown 2015-Get excited and listen with me

Checking out Vinyl Theater, Kodaline, and Jamie N Commons

I am all about the music festival experience.


I love the camaraderie of listening to bands with a concentrated group of their biggest fans. The fans are so diverse and make me curious. Why are they here, what is it that they love to listen to?  I love the space of difference in it all… the people, the music, and the weather.  I learn about a fraction of life in the happiest ridged margins of commonality and connectedness through music.

Next weekend is Music Midtown.


Yes, they have a hefty lineup of tried and true performers, but I am trying to justify purchasing the weekend pass and the mega dollars that this is going to cost me. I have to defend shelling out the hard-earned cash to attend. So I am listening to them all and honestly thinking about the experience. Listen to Music Midtown bands with me and help me decide what to do.

Looking at the Friday lineup, I want to see the bands that make me excited about music. These are the first band choices,

Vinyl Theater, Kodaline, and Jamie N Commons

Listen with me….





They essentially play around the same time? Do you have a favorite?

Which one would you hang to see?


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