Music Midtown 2015-Hozier, Jenny Lewis, or Elliot Moss? Get excited and listen with me

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.


Music Midtown is this weekend. Come listen with me and help me choose.

Hozier ?





Jenny Lewis?







or Elliot Moss?









I hate to admit it, but based on my blog, I predict all of the crowds to head to the Hozier stage for the early evening time slot on Friday. I wrote a blog post on him way back before he hit it big in the USA (check it out here), and by far, this post has been my most clicked on and commented post EVER!

I simply suggested in the post that he sounded almost identical to Elton John. Funny that they are playing on the same night at Music Midtown. I wonder if they hear what I hear? I wonder if Elton was who Hozier listened to as he developed his own sound and grew as an artist?

Let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. I don’t want to pick yet, let’s listen to all three artists.

Hozier is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, a singer-songwriter from Ireland and nominated or winner of multiple awards for best rock song, new artist of the year, and album of the year.


If you haven’t heard Hozier‘s hit “Take Me To Church” then I think you have been seriously living under a rock for the past year.  So instead of playing that song, I thought I would share another good one. Hozier has some serious talent (and vocal pipes) in this acoustic session of the song, “From Eden” check it out.



Jenny Lewis is the darling from the indie rock group Rilo Kiley, and possesses a long list of successful acting projects.


She has gone out on her own quite successfully, with an upbeat sound. She brings fun and spirit to her concerts. I know first hand because I saw her at The Buckhead Theater, last year. With her big hit, “Just One Of The Guys “, she definitely solidified her following. Let’s hear another tune from her most recent album from 2014, The Voyager.



Excitingly, Elliot Moss is brand new to me.


He was named as Spin Magazine‘s top five artists to watch in April of this year. Listening to his album, Highspeeds, I find him to be a slow burning jam which boasts an electronic beat, soulful voice, and a heavenly, ethereal feel. I am loving it, and hate to compare, but thoughts of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon or James Blake come to mind. Honestly his sound is quite unique, and makes me, oh so curious. I may have to run from stage to stage to catch him. Just listen to “Slip”….



Who is your pick? 

C’mon, it’s Music Monday and this music mind wants to know!

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