Music Midtown 2015-Colony House, X Ambassaders, and New Politics

Saturday’s early line up at Music Midtown

Check out and listen to the early performing bands before you set foot at the festival.


Listen and learn with me. I am looking into each of the bands and I am getting increasingly excited about one of Atlanta’s most famous music festivals, Music Midtown!

Colony House


Does this band name sound familiar? Well it should because they have a surprisingly good song that made it to the Billboard charts, “Silhouettes”. Listen…

Colony House is a three piece indie-rock band from Franklin Tennessee, Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman, and Scott Mills. The name of the band came from a humble apartment house that they have each called home at one time or another in Franklin. They take that piece of history with them as they travel the road performing songs from their debut album, When I Was Younger. The album is a really good listen. It has southern roots and bright moments, but also brings some honesty and depth concerning life and relationships. I like that, I like that a lot!

X Ambassadors


A band with a bang and a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, X Ambassadors has a unique sound and the boom claps or pump stomps help to propel the music into your head to make it unforgettable. Do you remember “Jungle”? It was a collaboration with Jamie N Commons and featured in a commercial for Dr. Dre’s electronics/headphones company Beats by Dre. Then with “Renegades” from their latest album release, VHS, and an ad for Jeep, it helped build continued commercial appeal. Despite that strength, take my word for it, there is so much more on their album to enjoy and experience. Each song harbors their significant style, and is sung by frontman’s Sam Harris lovely baritone. This song is perfect example, “Unsteady”….

For an awe inspiring video, watch and listen to “Renegades” as well…

New Politics


New Politics is a Danish rock band including David Boyd – Vocals, Søren Hansen – Guitar / Vocals / Keys, and Louis Vecchio – Drums / Vocals. They are described as ‘a high energy, guitar driven blend of punk, pop, and electronically induced dance rock’. What? I just had to listen for myself. I recognized a couple of their tunes right away. Specifically, “Harlem” and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. Both from older albums. I then looked for the newest songs from the recently released album, “Vikings” and found some real gems. I am intrigued with the energy and power behind their rapid fire vocals and pounding beats.  How can you not jump and dance in response?

Listen to “West End Kids”….

Are you going to start the party early and show up to see these three bands? Who do you want to see?

Stay tuned to the blog for more on Saturday’s line up….it’s a doozy!

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