Listening my way through Australia-Morning Harvey-Smith Street Swap Meet

Yep, I am still smack dab in the heart of Australia (in my music mind) and honestly loving it.


Here is a band that is beyond the beyond from Brisbane, Queensland. Don’t just take my word for it, go on and give them a listen.

Morning Harvey-Smith Street Swap Meet


“Well, it’s true, I could be the time waster in you.

Well, it’s true, now I need to find something new…”


I couldn’t decide which picture to share that represents the band, Morning Harvey. The first photo is crisp and sharp with defined contrasts of dark and light


But this picture is hazy and undefined. It seems more casual and relaxed, kind of like ‘just chillin’ and waiting for the photographer to change lenses.



Morning Harvey is Spencer White, Jackson White, Steve Kempnich, and Lewis Stephenson. Their music is really similar to both of these photos. On one hand, they have solid guitar sounds  and a crisp drum beat, and on the other hand it is mixed with a psychedelic hazy edge. The music keeps me moving, for sure and the chorus seems to stay in my head, swimming around happily.

I wish I knew more about the band, but since they have only been around for a few years and they are halfway around the world from me, all I can do is listen. I really have nothing more to say about them, except they should be on your radar. The most recent EP, Love&Loveand. totally wowed me. Check it out on their bandcamp site, HERE. If you like this mod track, you won’t be disappointed with their other songs….promise!

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