Travel with me- Australian Gabriella Cohen-I Don’t Feel So Alive

My mood today is far, far away.

I am still firmly planted in Australia listening to music. Right now, that region of the world is coming out of winter and moving into spring, while we are settling in fall. The fall in Atlanta is one of my favorite seasons ever, but this year we are inundated with rain, rain, and more rain.


Please help me escape the dreary day, the act of painfully paying the next round of bills, writing commitment deadlines, and cleaning up the remnants of a housebound household all weekend. You see, I would much rather sit around eating gobs of dark chocolate or maybe a bag of chips swirling in cheesy dip. However, listening to music can take me away, while I try to finish those dreaded chores and also seriously save my waistline.

“I Don’t Feel So Alive” is a haunting, simple song….I bet you are wondering why I didn’t choose an uplifting, happy tune in this obvious downer, state of mind? Well, sometimes my mood is my mood and when a singer gets in my head, I feel instantly better and not so alone. Maybe it’s a depressing move or maybe it’s sheer genius on my part, either way, the music is just wholeheartedly smart and beautifully different from my other shares. I’m here to mix it up a bit.

Gabriella Cohen- I Don’t Feel So Alive

“Well, I don’t feel so alive
I might break down and cry
I read a book on my life
And it said that I don’t have to try

Do you get high on a Saturday night
and think of me,
Do you ever think about two years ago?

Well I, you know I can’t tell a lie, no
Well, I can’t tell a lie, no
They said to everybody to cry
When they sit on their chairs
and they got an approach
Doesn’t really take into consideration of other people
Well, did you found out
What I’m all about?
Or should I tell you?
Yeah, I’m gonna tell you
Well, I’m gonna tell you
Ye-yeah yeah
This could be the last time that we could get together
Well, this could be the last time that we could get together
It’s now or never
Get together, get together
La la la la la lu, get together
Ye-yeah yeah
Why don’t we get together?
Ye-yeah yeah
Why don’t we get together?
Ye-yeah yeah
Why don’t we get together?
Ye-yeah yeah
Why don’t we get together?
Ye-yeah yeah

Why don’t you turn to me?!”

Perhaps the words I hear in this song aren’t perfectly accurate. I listened over and over to try to get it right (clever avoidance of all the other tasks at hand?). For me, the written lyrics are different from what I think in my head as I listen.  My head hears the chorus as “it’s time for me to get it together”.


Gabriella Cohen, front woman for The Furrs (cool 70’s vibe as well), is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, and is releasing solo works as of late. An album, Full Disclosure and No Details, was to be released sometime in October, but now according to Twitter, it is on hold until the first of the year. From reading bits and pieces of other blogs, I have learned that she recorded the album in a house in the country last April. I appreciate the sort of intimate sound a simple recording style produces, and I believe it makes the music that much more captivating. Her sultry voice, twanging guitar, and catchy lyrics build  up my expectations. I really can’t wait to hear more.

large-14I know I need a shout out and a kick in the pants to tell me to get it together and move on from the stuff that brings me down. Gabriella Cohen helps me deal with it, in a weird musical way.  After listening over and over, I can honestly say that I may get my act together and get on with my Monday. Perhaps after exploring music for hours, it is time to check off my long list of hateful Monday chores and then marginally celebrate that I didn’t just eat bonbons and snail away the day.

Okay, sort of.




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