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Mood Monday

Miscommunication or no communication, days go by and then suddenly a month flies by, maybe even a year, but I’m here.

It is the holiday season. How did it show up so fast? Time slips away and suddenly you are bombarded with food galore, sparkly things, and presents to buy. The mind can play such wild tricks and even with massive distractions from the world, the mind can always return to a thought, a person, a worry. What can I say? What can I do differently? What happened? My love is deep and my fear of the loss of a connection is deeper.

We are human. We make mistakes or we avoid conflict. I am the worst when it comes to catching up. I live in my music bubble, where I write and listen….listen and write….and go to shows all while juggling my regular life. When I have friends and loved ones who reach out to me, I am thankful, truly thankful because it forces me to push out and reach back. Thank you to the spontaneous friends who can go out and play at a moment’s notice. I am a poor planner when it comes to events and fun, I jump on the fly. My mood can take me so many places, and I usually don’t want the worry of making sure someone else is having a good time.

A little selfish, I think. But also, I have worried over and about so many others in my life, I kinda feel as if it is my time.

My time.

Those words sound so good.

I struggle with my relationships, I struggle with keeping up with my many friendships, and sometimes I forget to take care of myself as well. With all of that coffee this morning, I realize I had no breakfast and lunchtime is almost over. Once again I am distracted, like a crazy scientist on a quest for a discovery.

As I head into this holiday season, I hope to sew together many of the gaps I have created by my absence. It is not on purpose or without caring that the cracks formed and the gap happened. My mind always returns to you all.

I’m here. Don’t be a stranger.

This song is my mood today.

Francis-Follow Me Home

Is there such a thing as a Swedish band with an American folk-indie-pop vibe? That’s how I would try to describe Francis. They are Petra Mases, Petter Nygårdh, Jerker Krumlinde, Paulina Mellkvist, and Oskar Bond. The echoey vocals and the guitars spin around in my mind. I love the fragility and the bittersweet lyrics working alongside the strength of Petra’s vocals and the band’s incredible music. All of those build to a lovely crescendo at the end of “Follow Me Home”as an explosion of sound, only to return to the chorus as a triumphant sigh.



Their second album, Marathon is due for release on February 5th, 2016. Strangers Candy describes the album,

“It is Francis’s most accomplished work to date, a collection of affecting and deeply warming tracks, chronicling the process of growing into adulthood.”

After a three year break from their last album, it seems fitting the first release is “Follow Me Home”. The music gets inside my head and it seems just right for my Mood Monday.

Now, I think I’ll go dance into the holiday.


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