Oddisee-That’s Love


A bit of soul, jazz, scat, and some really fast rap…put them all together brilliantly and it equates LOVE! There is everything to appreciate in this hip-hop song, even though it has been out for quite awhile. Get your groove on and listen to the select song for this week!

Are you ready for the New Year?  No?  Well, this song might just get you there!

Oddisee-That’s Love


When you told me the truth, even if it really hurt
‘Cuz you knew a lie was worse (That’s love)
When you let me borrow money, that you didn’t really have
‘Cuz you knew what I was worth (That’s love)
When I was at my worst, you would tell me I would blow
When I thought that I would burst (That’s love)
You taught me how to help others, and through that discover
How to put myself first
And here we are again, just confronting fears
Whether pain, or gain, it’s a bunch of tears
Blood, sweats, and peers, probably disappear
When smoke starts to clear, their persistence near
Pay attention to the folks, who’re fanning the flames
They’re the ones who matter most, In the gravity game
When stakes weigh you down, and they stay around
And pick up pieces, and you off the ground
That’s love

That’s love
That’s love
That’s love
Aye, that’s love, that’s love
That’s love, that’s
That’s love, love, love
That’s love

When you were giving me advice, that I seldom ever took
But your head never shook (That’s love)
Both knowing you were right, never shook it left and right
Just gave me that look (That’s love)
When i had to learn the hard way, and you would let me fall
But never did it out of spite (That’s love)
You told me never burn a bridge
If you build it, then you need it
Whether a river or a brook
And here we are again, in the cross of paths
Darwin’s our friendship, strongest last
But our strength lies in our first thoughts that laugh at
The things that bring most hurt hearts to clash
Funk passed the ball, beat bounced the brawl
Pass it, penniless, blame games, and all
Had a few deals, time out to chill
But knowing when you need space means you feel
In love


Ooooooo, we try to tell ourselves
That we don’t really need it anymore
As if a million dollars, or the bottom of a bottle
Or a carton, never cheated me before
So you started with the “I don’t need it, all i need is money”
“You can give it to me, but you’ll never get it from me”
Yea you refused to play, but you was still in the game
Like it, or not, let me explain
Now see
There’s a tough kind, a too much kind
A not enough kind, a rather rushed kind
And the abrupt kind, a go nuts kind
A hold up, maybe we should take it slow kind
A when you know kind, it started off as friends
But then over time, began to show kind
And if we love each other, but we can’t stay together
We’ll do worse than better, gotta go kind
And that’s love

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