Goodnight Buffalo-Backroads

I am stoked about seeing my friends in the band, Goodnight Buffalo, this weekend. It will be my first concert since my fall and surgery. If all goes well and I continue to heal, I should be able to effectively sway to their tunes. No clapping from me allowed, but they all know how much I love their music. They are all talented musicians and great guys!

I blogged the band as one of my first blogs (on 1146 miles), way back when. I have counted them as friends ever since. In case you are curious, here’s the content and the song…


“Change is inevitable and Atlanta is no different. I remember growing up with my ears attached to my favorite radio stations. Today, radio stations seem to be all talk, loud obnoxious ads, and the captivating eclectic music seems to be forever forgotten. I long for new music, new local artists, and to add them to my worn out playlist. I am always hoping to find that awesome band that hasn’t yet really been found. Thank heaven for the Internet.

Here enters an Atlanta band, Goodnight Buffalo, that has been playing music for a while now, but they are sparkly and new to me.  Goodnight Buffalo was formed by two brothers, Brian and Rusty Kahl and joined by Clint Kahl, Tom Bruno, and Dan Edwards. Their style is soothing guitar perfection and the vocals are warm and sincere. The guitars remind me a little of Band of Horses or Kings of Leon. I find their music to be wonderfully original and full of emotion and heart. This is one of my favorite songs, “I’m Sorry”,  from the album, Back and Fill, which has been out since February 2012. Give it a listen. Then, check out their Facebook page and be sure to spread the word.”

Goodnight Buffalo-I’m Sorry

How can you not appreciate a thoughtful bunch of guys who chose their band name based on a line in one of their favorite movies, Radio Flyer?

Goodnight Buffalo Candid Table Promo


They have been living pretty full lives since I wrote about them back in early 2013! Marriages, babies, new relationships, and yes… new music. Continuing to grow and experiment with their instrumentation, voices, thoughtful lyrics, and production, I am pleased to share my new favorite song. Listen.

Goodnight Buffalo-Backroads

“I remember, I remember who you are…

Cause you can’t stay on the backroads forever

you can’t spend all your life…



Goodnight Buffalo’s latest album, Internal Politics, is out now and worth your ears. The artwork for the album is created by the talented local artist, RedTina. Lo and behold, Goodnight Buffalo is playing this weekend (Sat, Jan. 23rd) at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, GA, so if you are anywhere near, you should stop by. They never disappoint. Each musician plays with heart, making them fun to experience live. The McNifficent 7 and Blind Honey Bees will sandwich their set, so you might get a chance to check out other cool music, or meet up with the band after, and say hello!

Hope to see y’all there!



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