Pinegrove-Old Friends


Mood Monday.

Messy, life is messy. There are good times, bad times, and times when you want to cry and laugh simultaneously.

I get it.

Sometimes, all of those emotions and actions jumble up in a confusing ball and explode out unexpectedly.

What is up with that?

Today my mood feels thankful for friends and good conversation. Today my mood feels sad for missing out. I am either teary-eyed or flat. My mood is just a confusing ball of emotion that I can’t even describe anymore.

“Old Friends” is a little ditty that rambles lyrically, but somehow captures my heart with its sweet melancholy tone. Although, there is something sparkly in bits and pieces, because embedded in the tune is a sliver of hope, as he seems to move on through the tough outcomes and come downs. Therefore, it kind of makes me sad and happy at the same time.

I find it a little confusing but deeply human.

Pinegrove-Old Friends

“I knew it when I saw it

so, I did just what I wanted

so I go through with this

I knew happiness when I saw it”


Pinegrove is vocalist/guitarist Evan Stephens Hall, along with brothers Zack Levine (drums) and Nick Levine (guitar), out of Montclair, New Jersey. They form the basic core of the band. On occasion, they add others to their lineup, which makes me more curious about their upcoming debut album, Cardinal , due out February 12th. The first 100 album jackets are custom painted by Evan and the songs are on blue vinyl. You can pre-order at Run For Cover Records.

The first tune released, “Old Friends”, steps out with an enchanting combination of alt-country, folk and indie rock. It recalls the past and questions the actions taken, but also subtly moves past and pushes on, in a toe-tapping way. I look forward to hearing more.

Thankfully, it is now Tuesday (12:30 am) and I can officially say that I made it through another day, and well, sometimes that is simply enough.

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