Mood Monday (you are forewarned)


Hell, I have been through hell and come back.

I recognize that my problems and woes are pretty insignificant in the scheme of life, but this is my rant and my story. I am fairly young and active and it is hard to hold me down for long, but going under anesthesia twice in two weeks, a nerve block for surgery, and harsh pain medication has been hell.

I was just released again from the ER. They remember me and that is NOT a good thing!

The blue skies and cooler temperatures beg me to go outside and bike, walk, wander. Inside of my head, I can’t get up and move. I keep telling myself one day at a time. All those crazy concoctions are messing with my healthy body and making me crazier than crazy.

I only have a broken wrist, with a new shiny, steel plate to give it strength… extremely minor in the scheme of things. There will be light and movement at the end of this long dark tunnel, but I am really ready to begin to see some sort of glimpse of it.

Shine on me, shine on me…please.

I have been so whacked out, I have had a hard time listening to my music. But, on day two from my most recent emergency room visit, I am welcoming the amazing sounds sent to me as of late. Thank you. It will have to be my lifeline, for now. One day, I will be back to my old self and I hope the music gets me there faster.

I listened and loved this song, the first time I heard it. There is something incredibly unique about the mix of instruments and the unusual addition of horns. A jazzy tune with an upbeat, indie flair, it captured me from the get go. Be sure to listen through, because starting at 2:40, I suggest you crank it up to hear the powerful and engaging instrumental finale. Just wow!


I don’t know about you, but to me, where I sit, this is heaven to my ears and a welcome relief to my own personal roadblocks. Lionlimb has a bang-up future on the horizon. Now, I just need them to come support their album by playing in Atlanta, GA. Then, I want to get better quick, so I can be there and move to the music. No better medicine.


Photo by Justine Orrall

From Bayonet Records….

“Lionlimb is Nashville native Stewart Bronaugh’s recently resurrected project. Originally started in 2010, the project was put on hold as Bronaugh worked as a day laborer in Chicago and San Francisco before making his return to the Midwest. It was then that he began collaborating with drummer and so- called “intuitive dogmatist” Joshua Jaeger. Shortly thereafter, the two joined Angel Olsen’s backing band both on tour and on her seismic Burn Your Fire For No Witness (2014). The recent revival of Lionlimb exhibits a thematic shift which includes jazz elements and Bowie-esque guitar arrangements, complemented by Bronaugh’s understated vocals.”


I am super pumped to hear the entire debut album from Lionlimb, Shoo, coming out in March.You can pre-order a copy of their limited yellow and white swirl vinyl here.

“Bronaugh and Jaeger started by tracking live drums and piano, and then for weeks Bronaugh filled up reel after reel, layering compulsively over their recordings. In the spring, Bronaugh and Eaton began the task of peeling away the layers. The resulting sessions proved to be a departure from the duo’s previous recordings with a shift toward jazz, rock and soul with the addition of saxophone and Fender Rhodes.”

Here is the track listing, and don’t miss the artwork from Bronaugh. He is not just a songwriter, but also a visual artist who made some interesting drawings for the project.


1. God Knows
2. Domino
3. Ride
4. Tinman
5. Lemonade
6. Hung
7. Turnstile
8. Blame Time
9. Wide Bed
10. Just Because
11. Crossroad

Another day done, and right here right now, I am welcoming the break of a new day…..hoping for a drastic mood change.


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