Mood Monday-John Mark Nelson-I’ll Give You More

Mood Monday.

I am soft.

It is a fault and sometimes it is a blessing.

I can not join the ranks of the tough or the disconnected. Words lift me and words can easily knock me off my foundation. I seek the important, something pertinent, and something valuable in each and every human being.  I seek the best in others.

I wish over the years that I built a stronger resistance to words or looks or actions, but I haven’t. I’m penetrable, but maybe we all are deep down and some people just hide it, mask it, and cover it better than I do.

So, when people tell me they never get a chance to read my blog or ask me, what is a blog, I am secretly crushed. Then, others say they read my words but don’t listen to the music. Or perhaps, they follow me regularly but never express any likes or dislikes or thoughts. Go figure? Is it crazy to put giant amounts of time into something no one reads or cares about? Then, I rethink my thinking…maybe this whole blog thing is really just for me. Maybe I am just sorting out my softness, my vulnerability, and my frailty hidden in my writing and music discovery.

This blog helps me record the adventures which compile my life. Sometimes it is simple and sometimes it is complicated, and perhaps sometimes it is only interesting to me. What makes my blog a little different is that I share incredible music that connects with my heart, my soul, and my spirit, in the hope you might connect too.

Remember in high school and college when you shared music with your friends and they shared what they loved with you?  Then, before you knew it, you were all loving a song collectively and you actually bonded closely with those who liked what you liked. It was a music club of your own making. I long for that again.

Since then, I have found that I have lost those friends to nostalgia and the songs of memory and they are not updating their catalog of tunes. I love those old tunes that I can recall fondly and those which have paved the way to the new tunes of today. But honestly, we all know and love those old songs. I want to venture into unknown territory and what is playing today and tomorrow. I began this blog in hopes of reaching out and helping old friends into a new world of music and finding new friends who are just as pumped as I am about new bands, new sounds, and new songwriters.

This blog does help me to be less soft on occasion and it also helps me to melt into music that stirs my soul. But still….

Are you out there?

I feel sure you are and I would love to get to know what you are listening to.

You already know I will share what I am listening to. What do you like, what do you question?

Who’s with me? I am seeking all music lovers.

For today, I am feeling pretty soft and a little defeated. Will you take a moment and listen to a song that represents my mood today? This song is great and it sends a bit of my own  wish into the world.

John Mark Nelson-I’ll Give You More

“I’ll give you more

I’ll give you time

will you be here?

will you be mine?

 I am so afraid

but I am so alive

knowing one day you will open your eyes”

Photo Credit Nick Fay


John Mark Nelson is a songwriter and producer out of Minneapolis Minnesota. He released his first album at only 17, and the song, “I’ll Give You More” is from his fourth album, I’m Not Afraid. He released it at the ripe old age of 21. He is young, talented, and certainly an artist to watch. Imagine what might lie ahead in his music career?

Imagine the possibilities of learning new music, if you visit my blog regularly. Imagine.

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