Savannah Stopover 2016-An Immersed Playlist

Photo credit Geoff L. Johnson/Savannah Stopover website

So pumped about attending Savannah Stopover!

100’s of bands in only three days.

The festival boasts a fantastic line-up, so many good bands in fact, it is a little overwhelming. I have listened intently to find my favorites and sorted through all of the indie bands. Hard decisions were made due to the incredible talent coming to the beautiful seaside city of Savannah, Georgia. I have carefully chosen my favorites and must sees.

I put together a playlist of the bands I hope to see live, if my body holds up and I can run fast enough between venues. Well, and sometime in between the music, I have to eat. So, this is my wishlist playlist, two full hours of indie music. All songs were placed according to the schedule of when the bands play. Thursday’s lineup first, Friday, and then Saturday (well, officially until early Sunday morning!)

Explore and Enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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