Ronjo V-Slo Motion and Unfriend

I’m a fan, plain and simple.

After just one listen, I feel sure this duo, is primed to do well. It is just a matter of getting the music in the hands of some new listeners. Turn up the volume and listen with me. What better way to welcome the beautiful weekend?

Ronjo V-Slo Motion

“I got the word today
moments that fade away
no matter what you face
you’re here to claim your place

tell me that you’re always on

and there’s no coming back
so you keep moving forward
unto these chains we’re bound
take a good look around

tell me that you’re always on

you run, is it all we are or all you are?”



Ronjo V is Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan out of Austin, Texas. They have been playing music together since their college years in Arkansas. Driven by the shared dream of living their lives in the studio creating music, the two relocated to Austin and opened 5th Street Studios.

Production and sound clearly is their forte. The song “Slo Motion” has an atmospheric haunting mood with subtle bluesy guitars and echoey vocals. This alternative rock is laden with steady drums and a calming chill sound. “Slo Motion” is from their new 6 song EP, Ronjoism. I highly recommend the EP, especially if you’re a new fan, like me.

Here is another bonus sample of their talent. Enjoy!

Ronjo V-Unfriend


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