Four Songs You Should Hear


What a difference a day can make, an hour, or a second.

Everything can change.

I appreciate a beautiful moment when all is well and happy in the world, despite any impending, looming deadlines, because for me, procrastination is always in play. Yes, there is time….sweet, sweet time.

Life is just full. Full of friendships, full of laughter, full of celebrations, and remembrances of another year.

Until time is taken, snatched, hijacked, and lost forever.

Sometimes, life is full of heartache and pain. It makes me sadly take note.

Am I reaching out to the people I love and reminding them I care? Are the people I surround myself with, reminding me they care? Are they acting on it? Am I making a smidgen of a difference in the world? Am I doing what makes me happy and creating a small ripple, like a stone thrown in still water, to give back?

I would find it a scary, frightening moment, if my life weren’t to go on like I expect it.  I would feel a truckload of regret, if I were not able to correct any of my mistakes, tidy up my life, or make an effort to live a whole hearted life with joy and thoughtfulness. As I write this, tears pour in response. I need to shore up my strength and not be quite so vulnerable to pain and frustration.

Time is precious.

We all want it, and sometimes we all dread it when we are sitting in a very slow class and watch every second tick, tick away, until the bell rings. Only then, after snail time has passed, can we feel the power of freedom. I look back on those days in school and recall the mundane frustrations of time passing slowly, but now, I see them with a bittersweet fondness. It is useless to always be wishing for the end, wishing to be a certain age, wishing to be settled, or even wishing for the weekend.

Why are we waiting?

Are you free of the chains that drag you down? Do you fit in the important pieces that help you feel like you belong? Are you taking note of the ordinary miracles of day to day living?

Why wait until it is too late, or heaven forbid, an unavoidable tragedy strikes?

The time is NOW. Time is a gift.

We are never promised a tomorrow.

How do I use this precious time? My time is filled with people, relationships, and tunes. I love music. In my tomorrows, I will continue to blog, learn about new bands, and attend live shows.

The music I listen to fills my soul and completes my life in ways I can never, ever express completely. I am fully whole when I write my thoughts and try to showcase the talented musicians that create the music which touches me deeply.

This blog has introduced me to the most amazing bands and people and fans. They bring such joy in my life. A huge thank you to you, dear reader. I have traveled a crazy, wild, crooked path to get to this and “this” feels good.

Until it doesn’t, because I am human. It is tough to be me sometimes. When it is not exceptionally good, I push another boulder up the hill, try something new, chat with my friends, collaborate with pros and ultimately force myself to move forward.

When I am pressured to learn….I grow.

We aren’t guaranteed any time, let’s make the best of it.

I am incredibly fortunate tonight. My loved ones are safe and warm and healthy. I am breathing and loved, and I love back deeply. I am extremely lucky, and right now, it is simple…..I believe and hope I have another tomorrow.

I pray you do too.

Here are some really cool bands I am lending my ear to and loving with my whole heart. Give them a listen.

A new one from tried and true musicians, Mumford and Sons. It’s a WOWer with an infusion of South African vibes. Boom! it is fresh and worldly and new. I also kinda like the title, based on my post.

Mumford and Sons-There Will Be Time

I have blogged Woods before and I continue to appreciate their soothing style and healing sounds. This one is a case in point, with an enviable bass that sorta reminds me of a haunting mystery soundtrack. The new album, City Sun Eater in the River Light, is out now.

Woods-Sun City Creeps

I tried to find info on this band. All I know is they are a four piece band from London, but this song…oh this song! They have songs amazing enough to get lost in…..

Island-I’ve Been Searching

Pity Sex is a  band with Run for Cover Records. The bands they represent seem to be dominating my listening lately. Pity Sex has a new album, White Hot Moon, which landed last week. Some really good music throughout the album, but this one is my ‘focus of today’ favorite.

“I’ll never say I loved you, because you know I still do”

Pity Sex-Burden You

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