Mood Monday-Plants and Animals-No Worries Gonna Find Us


I woke this morning with a groggy purpose.

I wanted to focus on positive thoughts.

There has been so much tragedy lately (with the loss of four beautiful UGA college students), and to top it all off, it was a weekend of bad stormy weather that seemed to reflect all of our tears. I needed a morning of quiet reflection and a chance to focus on all I am thankful for. Most days I wake and worry, but not today.

I want to begin this week with a purposeful mind of gratitude. After all, it is a new month and summer is just around the corner.

There is so much research that supports a mindset of gratefulness. Gratitude can change your brain, and quite frankly, I need a bit of brain changing. So, instead of listing all the ways I feel sad and under appreciated, I am going to think about the things I am truly thankful for.

Holy Toledo…then I stumbled upon this glorious tune perfect for my mood.


Plants & Animals-No Worries Gonna Find Us

I love the many intersecting instruments where the snippets of one is showcased and wrapped around the others. Perhaps the lyrics are a bit repetitive, but I find them vital and catchy enough to stay in my head. It will be an important mantra for the next day/week/month/year.

Plants and Animals is a band out of Montreal. This track, “No Worries Gonna Find Us” is from their latest and fourth album, Waltzed In From The Rumbling. Check out the whole album, each song is an incredible sound and song journey that has some comparing their musical style to have Radiohead similarities. Other notable tracks are “Stay” and “All The Time”.



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Plants and Animals centers around the vocals/guitar of Warren Spicer, the drums/percussions of Matthew Woodley, and the guitar/bass of Nicolas Basque. This track has experimental guitar jangles and odd drum pops in places that you wouldn’t expect, and yet, it always returns to the cohesive connection of the music, the beat, and the vocals. Of the song, KEXP says:

“It’s a bit more rollicking of a jam, enjoyable for its jangly guitars, buoyant psych-folk melodies and brisk percussion, but it’s Spicer’s vocal repetition of the song’s title that makes “No Worries Gonna Find Us” as enjoyable and unhurried of an anthem you’re likely to find in 2016. “

I am in happy appreciation for this emphatic tune, which helps in guiding me to alter my thinking. I find this song discovery serendipitous and listening proves to be yummy icing on the cake.

I said I would focus my thinking to be more positive and grateful, not more punctual…HA! So what if it’s Tuesday already? My mood easily carries over to today, and what do you know, the sun is sorta shining! I think I’ll listen again….


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