Shaky Knees -Day One- Immersed in Images

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Reminiscing about my glorious weekend of music at Shaky Knees!

Day One

Shaky Knees-IMG_9064




The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms IMG_9049


Who can resist a quick shot of the pop up wiggles on The Front Bottom’s stage?

The Front Bottoms-IMG_9055

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice-IMG_9070


Wolf Alice-IMG_9079 (1)


Wolf Alice-IMG_9072

I wish I could have captured the fun glitter bombs that happened around a pocket of people up front.  They would release handfuls of glitter at different intervals. It was so festive, and sparkly, and fun. It helped me to forget the bass was pounding out my ear drums.

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters-IMG_9113


Probably  the most fun show of the day for me. Everyone was into the happy music, and smiles were all around. We participated in their show clapping joyously, dancing, and singing! But when they sent these out….the crowd went crazy!

Crystal Fighters-IMG_4576

Crystal Fighters-IMG_9120


Then there was this happening all around me…




Time for dinner and there were lots of delicious choices!



Taco Food Truck-IMG_4586


Say hi to Niah Bruce from Atlanta. She was standing in line with us and had the most beautiful smile. I loved her festival outfit.



This was not my choice, but he ate the WHOLE thing!



Alex G

Alex G-IMG_9139







Here you can see the incredibly fierce lead singer and get a sense of their mesmerizing set.



The one and only downfall of the new venue at Centennial Olympic Park were the long lines to reach the Boulevard and Piedmont stages. In order to get to those stages we would have to cross a busy road, so they created a walking bridge over the road. Problem solved?

Shaky Knees lines-IMG_4588


At one point it became so crowded that they made it one way.

Shaky Knees tunnel overpass-IMG_4590

As we came out, we saw how many people were waiting to go on the other side. People were pretty chill about it. I think the press were given another way to go, so they could get back and forth without any delay.

Shaky Knees walkway-IMG_4591


Funny, not so funny, we crossed over and then realized we were at the wrong stage! It took us awhile to remember which stage was where. Whoops!

But we met these gals, with their individual goth style, on point!


As the sun was setting, we were welcomed with the glow of the city around us. It proved to be the perfect backdrop for our next band, Slowdive.

Sun setting at Shaky Knees-IMG_4608





The Kills

The Kills-IMG_9248 (1)


It was cool to see a few more women led bands at this year’s Shaky Knees. Today, we saw Wolf Alice, Savages, and The Kills. The Kills totally blew us away with their powerful performance and rockin’ tunes.

The Kills-IMG_9238


The Kills-IMG_9210


The 1975

The 1975-IMG_9255

The 1975-IMG_9265

My apologies for the hazy photos, people waited and waited to see them, so the chances of a close up photo was an impossibility! I honestly didn’t want to leave The Kills until the very last song, which put me at a total disadvantage.


Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction-IMG_9289

Jane's Addiction-IMG_9294


What a beautiful day and a pretty cool variety of music. Day One and done!

Shaky Knees Sign-IMG_9283

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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