Shaky Knees-Day 3-Immersed in Images


Hang out with me and experience Shaky Knees Day 3!


Julien Baker


One of the most buzzed about singers this past year. Julien is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who totally lives up to the hype.







I love the fast paced conversational commentary of their music. But watching the lead singer stop playing guitar to move and gesture for emphasis was the bomb! Always loved Ought, but now after seeing them live, I am a forever fan.





Adia Victoria

If you haven’t heard Adia Victoria’s new album, Beyond The Bloodhounds, I highly recommend that you listen. Be prepared to be wowed. I feel sure she is going places with her bluesy grit and her stirring unforgettable live performances.





Her last song, “And Then You Die”, shook me to my core. Yes, my eyes leaked a bit, but I have to say, I treasure the surprise of finding a new sound at such a large music festival. This may have been my favorite performance of the weekend.

Rushing from stage to stage we caught Frightened Rabbit’s latest tune “Get Out” from afar. We were headed to catch, The Orwells.

The Orwells


The lead singer is all over the place, so these photos capture snippets of his performance. It is really all about the hair and how he swings it in his face as he sings, almost as if he is just singing alone in his bedroom. And periodically when he looks out in the audience, it is as if he is checking his reflection in a mirror. The odd way he moves and reacts to the lyrics is mesmerizing and memorable.



The Orwells were another act at the very first Shaky Knees. They were on a smaller stage and it was pouring buckets of rain and Mario Cuomo the lead singer jumped out into the crowd to endure the rain with us. It was something to behold, a never forgotten place in time.

I even had a quick chance to chat about it with him!


Parquet Courts






St. Paul and The Broken Bones


They brought the midday crowds and held them all there, immersed in the music and the acrobatic performance of the lead singer, Paul Janeway.




It didn’t surprise me that he was once a preacher, but it was shocking how much he moved and still had unbelievable control of his voice. He belts out the tunes like no one’s business, and the horns and band were just icing on the cake! When he covered a favorite Beatle tune of mine, my heart melted and it wasn’t the heat of the mid afternoon sun!








The Ponce De Leon stage proved to be very difficult to take good pictures. I’m blaming it on my energy level at this point and the sun blaring over the top of the stage. Honestly after this pic, I went and sat down with friends and just listened. I kinda missed Katie Toupin who has been with them since the beginning. She recently announced she is off to pursue new opportunities.


The Head and The Heart


The Head and The Heart has always been a favorite of mine. Along with their tried and true beautiful tunes, they shared exciting new music. I am looking forward to hearing more in the coming months.



They weren’t really on my radar, but there was such a buzz about them the whole weekend, I felt compelled to check them out. I stayed at a safe distance, because their fans are wildly physical and I am just recovering from being in a cast for 4 1/2 months.




Explosions In The Sky


I have very few pictures of them because their music was so ethereal and chill. I just sat back and listened intently. It was really really good, and they have a new album out right now, The Wilderness.

Florence + The Machine

Here is a lil’ bit of Florence. She was a definite crowd pleaser!

IMG_4860 (1).jpg


It was difficult to end this amazing weekend of music, but my dogs were barking and my soft pillow seemed like a far away dream. Fortunately, the walk to Marta had a pleasant surprise, because you and I both know….the music is never really officially over. You can experience it any time you feel the need, and sometimes it just comes and finds you.

Enjoy the video!

A final yippee to the end of Day 3!

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