Mood Monday-Plush-Sheer Power

Mood Monday

This past week I was on vacation.

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I biked, beached, and even soaked up a few evening sunset dinners. All were on my to do list, plus a few wonderful surprises of fun. Sun, waves, boating, cocktails, and local seafood make for a perfect summer kick-off getaway.

Yep, go ahead and hate me.

As I experienced the joys of my extended week long vacation, I have listened to many interesting playlists of new music during long bike rides, as well as, blaring music for my going out on the town, get ready routine. Here is a song I have listened to on repeat this week, and one I love.

Plush- Sheer Power 


Don’t let me out of here,
I’ve got room to breathe.
You relish in my fear
with hands around my neck,
‘cuz I know what I want.

It only lasted a moment,
I pray I find it again.
I’m on my hands and knees begging,
I’ll crawl to you, just say when
so we can carry on.

Haven’t I told you that you should wait,
‘cuz shortcuts make for long delays?
Untangle my body like thread in a loom.

Take me hastily, or write it off.
Right now it’s none or all.
I have the sheer power of
knowing I still haunt you when I’m gone.



Plush is a San Francisco four piece shoe-gaze band I stumbled upon on Bandcamp. Guitarist Eva Treadway and bassist Sinclair Riley are active members of The She’s. All together, with lead singer Karli Helm and Dylan the drummer, there is a combined powerful hazy sound of hypnotic lushness. Their new album, Please, is out now.

Lyrically, this song is about the sheer power of desire, but beyond that, one can sense the emotional tension of acceptance versus rejection. It all happens in the reverb guitars and crushing, pounding, explosions of sound.

Go on, you know you want to listen again and again.



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