Mood Monday-Erin Tobey-All Over The World

Mood Monday




Indecisive, hesitant, and uncertain…

All of these words describe my Monday mood perfectly. Except, as I glance at the clock on my computer, it is really Tuesday. Bummer, I didn’t make it in time.

I have listened to amazing, really amazing music. I imagine I have listened to hours and hours and hours of new songs, cool songs, and some really odd songs. Nothing seems to grab me today. I don’t know what I am hoping to find.

After hunting and listening with complete indecision, I must return to the songs I personally play on repeat. A girl with a guitar and clever poetry spilling from her lips, stops me in my tracks. I can’t resist it, and I find this song so compelling and oddly soothing. With so many women slaying the music scene lately, I have become quite picky. Without question, Erin Tobey is one of the exceptional sounds of today. Her future is bright, give it a listen.

Erin Tobey-All Over The World



“All over the world,
people are settling for and in
places where they belong,
and don’t belong
Right and wrong

Turn on your lights
so we can both see
You creep like a ghost,
drafting behind me
It’s hard now,
but it could be harder
You can go – you’re free

But my body’s so big,
it rests like a bolder
So when I’m asleep,
use love like a lever
and roll me down
Send me back to the other town
and clear the path for thee

You could go anywhere
or you could run this town
Get all the thieves to share
Are you happy now?

All over the world,
people are struggling for and with
things they don’t control,
and can’t control
What’s the goal?

I will stay here, in isolation
I’ll struggle against my own
sense of frustration
with my back on the land
Is that something you understand?
Is this what you planned?

You could go anywhere
You could be president
Get all the fools to bow
Are you happy now?

All this and more could be yours
So take it if you want to
Take it if you want to
Want to?”


Erin Tobey is a singer songwriter and guitarist from Bloomington, Indiana. Her brother, Matt Tobey and husband Jeff Grant play backup instruments for her latest album, Middlemaze. In a well written article in She Shreds Magazine, the song was explained…

“All Over the World,” the third single from the album, is a spacious, slow-building indie ballad tinged with a hint of 50s pop. that deals with the narrator’s wistful daydreams of the paths not traveled before concluding with a powerful, determination that the best things may be still to come. “In writing this song, I was thinking about how when friends move away I sometimes question my very deliberate decision to stay [in Bloomington],” Tobey said. “I could go anywhere! Why here? I don’t know if it’s so much about abandoning dreams as it is abandoning the illusion that life is necessarily more fulfilling somewhere else. If you have a restless brain and heart, maybe nowhere will be good enough. There’s something really empowering to me about deciding to commit to a place and establishing a home. Your dreams can grow naturally if you plant them somewhere good.”

We all seek to go places we have never ventured before, but I agree, it is nice to go home. Home, the place where you have friends, family, familiar places and a host of recognizable faces. What could be more special than that?

Now, I think I want to plant some dreams.

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