The Greeting Committee-Hands Down



Enough is enough.

In an effort to stay away from negative news and hateful politics, I began searching for new music. Happily, a little gem came floating into my world, and I had to stop and pay attention. This song is a true treasure, and I am thrilled to give it a little love. Don’t miss the switcho chango with popping drums at 2:47. Enjoy!

 The Greeting Committee -Hands Down



“Baby, You know I love you

more than my words

know how to show you….”


The Greeting Committee is a foursome from Kansas City. Addie Sartino began writing and singing songs in high school. When performing her music, she realized how lonely it was on the stage all by herself. Out of this realization, she recruited her good friend, Brandon Yangmi as guitarist, and he helped bring on Austin Fraser as drummer, and Pierce Turcotte as bassist. The Greeting Committee was born.


photo credit- threethree photography


Their first EP, It’s Not All That Bad, developed over a few months from many basement jam sessions. “Hands Down” sucked me in, but I find the entire EP to be well worth the time. Addie’s lilting and honest voice proves to take my breath away, while the accompanying guitars and powerful drums grab my musical heart.

Together as a foursome, they have a more complete sound with added waves of energy. As young as they are, I imagine continued growth and maturity will develop over time and bring us buckets more loveliness.


I’m happy to continue to gush over their music and youthful creativity!



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