Band of Horses-In A Drawer

Some days I love to reminisce and think about the good ol’ days. You know the days where there isn’t a worry in the world except thinking about what is planned for the weekend and/or which friends to hang with?

Lately, I have been searching for an old photo of my favorite city, Charleston. I can picture the photo in my mind, and hope to commission an artist to creatively interpret it. The search has opened up a host of fond sweet memories.


I have an old chest of drawers full of photos. Okay, I know that screams my age, but smart phone photography has only been around a little over ten years. Scrolling through my phone photos is wonderful, but it is my packed drawers of photos that really bring me the most joy. My drawers include a bunch of mediocre photography, because we couldn’t immediately delete the bad ones and had to develop the film. It was miraculous if everyone was focusing on the camera! Some of those spontaneous moments are my absolute favorite. Others, I can’t even remember the gathering or name all of the people, but collectively, each photo floods my heart with sheer delight.

Do you have a drawer of photos? Do you ever take the time to look back at old photos and reminisce? I don’t always have the time, but it is a favorite past time of mine. I can get hooked for hours thumbing through all of the precious memories of my family and friends’ lives captured in the images stuffed in a drawer.

Listen to the catchy, get in your head, new song from Band of Horses fifth album, Why You Are OK.

Band Of Horses-In A Drawer

“The creaking wood under my walk

Familiar like an old time song
A memory when you were young
Remembering a time long gone…”



This song brings back what I have always loved about Band Of Horses. I am ushering a warm welcome back to a band I’ve adored for years. Who doesn’t appreciate a song where J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) sings a little chorus with a group of accomplished musicians known for their southern rock jams? Band Of Horses return with this melodious awesome song, so now, I will have to sit down and listen to the rest of the album.

And no, I still haven’t located the picture I am searching for. I will keep on it, but perhaps the memory in my mind is much more beautiful than the glossy paper which captured that simpler, slice of time.





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