Daniel Norgren-People Are Good and Moonshine Got Me

Hey y’all!

I am sorta outa pocket for a bit. I am vacationing in the Pacific Northwest and part of my exploration was visiting an independent musical festival outside of Portland, Oregon. I listened and experienced Pickathon 2016.

All I can say is WOW!

I have so much music to share with you. I have learned about incredible bands on this fun trip. Because I am still traveling and exploring, my Mood Monday is going to be just a tease of a masterful sound that freaking, BLEW ME AWAY!.


This show was a really, really late one, but I waited patiently and paced my day so that I could be there in the moment for the late night acts left for the hardcore music lovers and the sleepy campers. The show began with only a few listeners, but grew in crazy numbers due to the incredible talent of this guy. If you know me at all, you know I was up front and center.

Yes, his sound drew everyone in….

I am now a forever fan…..

Daniel Norgren-People Are Good

“Strange as it seems,

I live by the dream

that under their hood,

people are good…”

Pay attention and listen. Daniel Norgren is a Swedish singer/songwriter/musician who has the musical sensibility of a true southern rock and roll man and band. Amazingly, his vocal twang, stunning performance, guitar/instrument prowess, and ‘touch my heart’ powerful lyrics,  create the perfect wave of unforgettable music. I predict big things for this talented guy, but his music MUST get out there. Please listen, and if you like it, share it with all of your friends.

Daniel Norgren is really something to listen to and behold. I find his sound to be the kind of music I will listen to when I need a hopeful escape from the mundane and mediocre.

So go ahead and listen again, and I dare you not to love, love, love, his sound and vibe!

Daniel Norgren-Moonshine Got Me

His latest album (2015), The Green Stone, is packed with some really sweet gems. Despite that, I still hope and wish for more.

Are you with me?

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