“This song is a direct reaction to what has been escalating in the media over the past few years. There’s been so much violence propagated against people. It was making me upset and angry to the point where I couldn’t function… I couldn’t even get out of bed sometimes. I had to make a decision to shift my mind. I had to be grateful for another day and for the people I love in my life. I couldn’t take on all the burdens of the world. I can’t change the system. I just had to live my life in a way that was joyful and honest. That’s what I can do. It’s a cliché but change does come from within. I believe that.”  

Let’s all focus on the best we can be. I can’t tolerate any form of hate or put downs anymore.

The lung breathing…

heart beating, form of what we know as life,

is just way too precious to waste on ugliness, hostility, and hatred.