Mood Monday-Sam Sparro-Hands Up

Mood Monday


Today, I can’t help but question the world in which I live.

So much is happening all around me that has left me utterly confused. Seriously shakin’ my head! I don’t have any words for the intense emotions I feel about American politics, the horrific tragedies happening throughout the world, and even the multiple car break-ins in my own neighborhood.

I feel vulnerable, sad, spent, and a bit exposed.

As I write this, the sound of thunder bellows in the distance and flashes of intense light appear intermittently.

Summer time and storms.

I love storms at night, but I am inconvenienced when they occur daily. Lately, the world is in turbulence and it seems those storms are never ending. I am acutely aware of the raucous and rumpus news reports, negative social media feed, and violence occurring almost daily. I honestly wonder what will become of the world we live in.

Whatever happened to empathy, caring, and watching over each other?

Do we expect the best of each other? Or do we always seem to assume the worst?

The song, “Hand’s Up” expresses my mood perfectly. I appreciate it’s positive tempo and disco dancey beat, and love that the lyrics suggest a solution to a world gone amuck….

Situations and life can frustrate us, but can we really change anything? No, we can only change ourselves.

So in a departure from my usual indie music post, I thought I would share a fun dance tune. What would it hurt to just crank up the music, move our feet, and take a moment to tune out the world? C’mon and dance with me….


Sam Sparro-Hands Up

“Don’t, don’t know
Like forever gonna change it
Don’t, don’t know
I can’t find, I can’t find my words right now
To describe what is really goin’ on
I can’t mind, I can’t mind my own right now
And it’s a world of insanity but it’s my home
And I can’t change it
But I can change myself
No, I can’t change it
But I can change myself

Got so caught up in my world,
Seems like it’s never gonna change at all
No, no
I just gotta throw up my hands
Some things are never gonna understand oh no

I can’t find, I can’t find my peace of mind
But I can close, I can close my eyes and see
I can try, I can try to read between these lines
All I know is a cuffery (?)
But I can’t change it
But I can change myself
No I can’t change it
But I can change my self
Got so caught up in my world,
Seems like it’s never gonna change at all
No, no
I just gotta throw up my hands
Some things are never gonna understand ooh no”


Sam Sparro is an Australian born dance, pop vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who now lives in Los Angeles. Sparro’s childhood was filled with church choir, acting, and dance. Perhaps this helped him develop his musical talent. He has an 80’s disco style, infused with R&B influences. “Hand’s Up” is no exception. Listening, I feel the power of the club vibe and appreciate the important thoughts and ideas of change. Sam Sparro explains in press notes,

“This song is a direct reaction to what has been escalating in the media over the past few years. There’s been so much violence propagated against people. It was making me upset and angry to the point where I couldn’t function… I couldn’t even get out of bed sometimes. I had to make a decision to shift my mind. I had to be grateful for another day and for the people I love in my life. I couldn’t take on all the burdens of the world. I can’t change the system. I just had to live my life in a way that was joyful and honest. That’s what I can do. It’s a cliché but change does come from within. I believe that.”  

Let’s all focus on the best we can be. I can’t tolerate any form of hate or put downs anymore.

The lung breathing…

heart beating, form of what we know as life,

is just way too precious to waste on ugliness, hostility, and hatred.

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