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Mood Monday

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Is it the end of summer? Darn…

This Monday, my mood is full of thankfulness. Some of my deepest prayers have been answered, I have spent fun quality time with a few of my nearest and dearest, and the majority of my long weekend  was with my toes in the surf and sand of the Atlantic Ocean.

Major joy washes over me, like the waves of the ocean.


After making it through the horrific winds of Tropical Storm Hermine, the skies cleared and the ocean was spectacular in its beauty. It reminds me of stormy confusing experiences that have occurred recently and the natural progression of time making it all seem a little bit better. When those difficult moments pass eventually, life seems more beautiful, full, and more meaningful.

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Patience always wins out in the end….I am thankful for quiet patience.



“Saltwater in the afternoon

So scared of seeing you

Saltwater at the end of spray

So tired of hiding me

Come to the ocean

Even when you’re broken

Sunrise when you call my name

Oh I though you had something to say

When the tide wash me in

You and I no longer remain

Unrelentingly I’ve waited for you

Come to the ocean

Even when you’re broken

Come to the water

Let it wash you over

Come to the ocean

Even when you’re broken

Come to the water

Now that we are older”


Geowulf is an Australian dream pop duo, Star Kendrick & Toma Banjanin. They’re originally from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, but now they are currently based out of London. Despite Star being from a musical family she only discovered her voice recently and enlisted Toma to help bring her demos to life. “Saltwater” is their first released track from their new label, 37 Adventures, but I expect there will be a lot more music in the future.

I can patiently wait, I expect it will be worth it.

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