Wild Nothing-Reichpop

Mood Monday.

There is sweet enjoyment from a song that sends you far away and then surprisingly swirls you back to the present with clarity and strength

Disappointment, loss, fear….these are all feelings I can’t handle for now. When others express their dislike, an inability to listen to a thoughtful side of an intelligent argument, or close off others that express care, it leaves me questioning every part of my being.

I am an outgoing person, I have lots of friends, but I am suddenly uncertain about every relationship right now. Either I don’t give enough, or don’t give what others need. I feel at fault, and I can’t really handle it…at least not for now. So, I will do the only thing I know…stop and breathe.

This song is a soothing, musically reflective tune.

Wild Nothing-Reichpop

“I am the silent son
I am the only one
Staying home today
I’d lift you up if I knew
How to do the things that I
Wish I’d do

Can I learn to wait for my life
The more I get the more that I
Want for myself
And yet the water flows on
Feeding the mud now that I’m
Gone forever

Sink into the ground to below
The less you say the less that
You get wrong
I’ll try a new face for now
Trying this new face that
I can’t see

Don’t get me wrong now
It all flows on
Don’t get me wrong now
It all flows on”

Wild Nothing released this song back in January, but even though it has been on my listening playlist, it has sadly taken a back burner to all of the up and coming artists and songs out right now. Somehow today, it brings me comfort in a moment of personal uncertainty and fear. The marimbas that present themselves up front and center wave a lovely tribute to composer genius, Steve Reich. A bit different and tropically joyous in its sound, it comforts me.


Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum. Early on, he was a student at Virginia Tech releasing songs on the internet created in his dorm room. There he gained an incredible following and, even though those days are behind him, he continues to reinvent his sound from touring extensively and ultimately moving from Virginia to New York and now LA. The song, “Reichpop”, is a song from his most recent album, Life Of Pause.  Experimental and innovative, he clearly seems to be growing and defying complacency in his dreamy indie stardom. This song stands out on the album and stands alone beautifully.

Because “Reichpop” has been out for awhile, many blogs have shared it and Wild Nothing tours have captured the intensity of the track, I know I am not alone in its praise. But sometimes a song can be a  soundtrack of your life at any given moment. This one is mine for now. “Reichpop” clearly has an upbeat tempo, but thinking about the lyrics, there is a depth that is undeniable.

Sunny on the outside, questioning and frightened from within. Who do you turn to in those  uncertain times? I am questioning my selfish needs, when in fact, I know I have to ford this untamable river all alone.

Thank heaven for bustling activity, distraction, and really amazing music. They have served me well and I expect they will continue to help me try and understand what can’t be understood, one day at a time.

Coming up soon, some live gigs I have melted happily in. Stay tuned.

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