The Japanese House-Good Side In

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I have to tell you, I am excited and hopeful about this beautiful season of giving. All around me I see examples of people being kind and generous and parents exhibiting patience and calm. I am hyper focused on these positive acts, and the more I find them, the more they present themselves. In a variety/toy store the other day, I overheard the sweetest gentlest voice expressing her gift suggestions to her mom. She would pull an item approximately three feet high on each shelf and exclaim, “This is bootiful, this is what I want for Christmas!” Then just moments later, she would find another object, “Look, mom…mom….mom this is shiny and so fun!”… “Mom….mom…momma, can I try this out?”… “What does this do?”

She was cautious in her exploration as her distracted mother would hear her pleas a bit too late and then manage to steer her away. I glanced at another customer and we smiled at each other knowingly. Then, when I thought the mom might have a conniption fit over her inability to concentrate on their purpose, I saw her scoop up her daughter lovingly and give her the sweetest kisses. It warmed my heart and I was instantly flooded with vivid memories of my own childhood. I wonder what presents that little person will find under her tree. It is a magical season and my hope is that all children feel this kind of warmth and joy.

If you are without extreme need and comfortable, won’t you consider finding a little something for someone else that might be in great need? It can be as simple as donating a toy or helping to provide a meal through your local grocery store. There are so many options. I have googled a ton of possibilities and now I must act while there is still time.

The title of this song, “Good Side In”, instantly caught my attention. Reading the lyrics, I recognize there may be a deeper, more melancholy story. I choose to focus on the lovely experimental sounds and the warm voice which seems to return to the ‘good side in’. I saved this song a few weeks ago, and when it plays randomly, I can’t help but appreciate it again and again.

It is a keeper.

The Japanese House-Good Side In

And it started to rain, but I kept my cool
I feel a fool
She’s just hurt and in vain
She’s between the two

I put up a fight, it’s a light hit
I turned my good side in

As she started to change, I remained the same
I played the game
Not too much, just a stain
I don’t mind the wait

I put up a fight, it’s a light hit
I turned my good side in
And as we stayed up, I could feel it
The route, in the road, as the race begins

I put up a fight, it’s a light hit
I turned my good side in
And as we stayed up, I could feel it
The route, in the road, as the race begins



The Japanese House is the musical project of Amber Bain of London. Like an artist molding clay, Amber Bain layers sounds with auditory wonder. Each time I listen, I hear something new and striking, which in a complete state, is other worldly yet relatable. In one of her latest, “Good Side In”, a simple acoustic strum is complimented by familiar but indiscernible sounds. Each seems simple enough, but the music is clearly layered, thrown, pinched, and molded into an earthenware pot of perfectly imperfect proportions. Art for the ears.

When I first heard this song, I admit I thought it was a male singer. After much digging, I found out that the musical project came first and foremost and Amber really didn’t want her persona to overshadow the sound. With an ambiguous gender behind the voice, the music stands out as the dreamy shoe gaze sound it was meant to be.

I enjoy finding new music on my own, but in this case I am a bit late. The Japanese House has released two earlier EP’s with great success. Her latest, Swim Against The Tide, was released on November 11th, and as I write this they (there are three when they play live) are completing a US tour with many sold out venues. Looking ahead to 2017, the only US date is the Okeechobee Festival  in Florida. I would love for Atlanta to pick up a date before or after the festival.

I anticipate my seasonal rush to be about the same as it always is, and why should I worry so much? I am very lucky. For example, I have all of y’all who stop by my blog regularly and on top of that, I have new visitors who stumble upon it and become regulars. Thank you all for listening and visiting me often. I am truly grateful for all of your support! I know the bands appreciate your listening, as well.

I hope during this season and into the new year, you might search and find the good side of things. Small gestures of kindness sought are always found.




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