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I hope your feet hit the ground this morning, feeling the joyous heart thumping power of your most vital organ. It’s Valentine’s Day….who are you thinking of?

Perhaps you have plans to spend precious time with the one/ones you love. Yep, most people find Valentine’s to be a made up event to get us to spend money. For me, I find it glorious to think about and reach out to those that I love. I appreciate and love the people in my life that find time to reach out and nurture my unique spirit. They are the friends and family who support my ups and downs, my successes and failures.

I say thank you.

I love you.

Today, I also consider the people in my life who try to change me, or ignore parts of me that make me who I am…I have a hard time with this one. I question myself and wonder if how I act or what I feel/do is wrong in their eyes. Instead, I should simply forgive and move on. Because I believe, love is unconditional.

Who are you thinking of today? Say thank you and express your feelings. Make time to catch up with them soon. Find time to nurture their unique qualities.
Then, I hope you might quiet yourself, take care of yourself and enjoy this crazy good song.


Because ultimately, isn’t love really found in the simple things? It may be the way someone walks, the freckle that dances when they smile, the light in their eyes when they try to pull off a made up scrabble word, or their support of you without you even knowing it…but you find out weeks later. Simple love can’t be hidden and when given the right nurturing strength, it can grow deeper and more meaningful over time. It can also be as necessary as the air you breathe.

14523195_1058565224258998_5068809000794883524_n.jpgPhoto-Flore Diamant

The band is ISLAND out of London.They are making a very deep mark across the pond and are playing to sold out gigs. ISLAND just released an EP on Feb 8th, A Place You Like. They are Rollo Doherty (vocals,guitar), Jack Raeder (guitar) , James Wolfe(bass guitar),  and Toby Richards (drums).

I am blown away by the power of their guitars and the solid performance of their vocals. The song, “Dreaming Of”, made me smitten with this band from the first few notes. I am naturally drawn to their plucky guitars. Expansive and dreamy, their EP is on repeat for me. I hope you might find it a new favorite for you.

I thank you all for following my music blog. With each click, like, share, and message, I feel your love and support. I know the bands feel it too. It is a positive way to pass on important creative work in the world. Don’t you think we need more? I do.

I thought I might leave you with this beautiful quote for Valentine’s Day. It is what I wish for each of you. A love you might be dreaming of…or lucky enough to celebrate today.



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