The Tragedy of Defeat


Chris Silva doing what he does best…..Photo by Travis Bell

Whether you have a bit of bad news, a relationship that is morphing and changing into the unknown, experiencing the over saturation of negative news, or your sweet favorite for the NCAA basketball tournament went sour after a tough run…here are some songs for you.

I had to do a bit of searching to find tunes that made me feel better. I am in need of a salve, a chance to ignore, and even an ear of divergence. So sad about my Gamecocks, but know they tested the best.

Yep, those Gamecocks are a young team and have an incredible coach. I believe they will Rise Up!


this song, cause some tunes are so timeless and make me smile! You know it just takes some time and everything will be alright…

So now, I look to the Lady Gamecocks to pull us into a winning territory. Let’s beat Mississippi State on Sunday.


Peace out!

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