Welcome the Weekend – Earl St. Clair’s “Good Time”

If you are a fan of straight up jammin’, R&B funk songs, then Earl St. Clair is gonna make you smile.

You won’t be able to resist turning up the volume and enjoying this fun-loving, weekend perfect tune. With a popping dance beat, stick in your head lyrics, gritty powerful pipes, and an emphatic wall of bright horns, you will have no choice but to play it on repeat and share it with your friends. So, get up on your feet, dance to the rhythm, and have a Good Time!

Earl St. Clair-Good Time


“I work hard all week,

I put in 50 hours with no sleep, 

So when Friday comes

I might just go out,

put on my Sunday best and show out

I just wanna have a good time!”


From Cleveland Ohio, St Clair fondly remembers the R & B old school tunes his family in Alabama listened to on any given Sunday afternoon. From his Alabama childhood musings over at Def Jam Recordings

“Nothing was open but church and the refrigerator,” St. Clair says in his husky, deep-fried voice, a byproduct of spending many boyhood years in his dad’s home state. “I can listen to Al Green right now and it’ll make me feel the same way today as when I heard it at five years old.”

Clearly, St. Clair has the deep reaching roots to help him grow robust timeless tunes. I am a new fan, but can’t seem to get enough. His music is uplifting, funky, and dog gone it, makes you feel good.

As we experience the unpredictable snaps of cold blustery days, this tune will work just fine by adding a little more warmth and sunshine to my life.

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