Most Anticipated Bands-High Water Fest Charleston

We are officially only a couple of days away from the inaugural High Water Fest!!!!


For those of you that have had your tickets for weeks and months now, and for those that want to win the immersed in cool music’s raffle, let’s talk bands and let’s listen. On my raffle, I asked the question, “Who are you most excited to hear play?” Resoundingly the majority of answers chose The Shins as the favorite. So let’s begin this post with the beloved Shins.


The Shins-Name For You

What is not to love about this joyous heartfelt tribute to James Mercer’s three daughters? The video exemplifies empowerment and agility and female power. The Shins are an iconic band that continues to make music we all love and appreciate.

My girl, if you’re lucky one day

Rolling down the ancient high street you’l find

In the mirrors reflects a woman in her prime

Can you make your way out?

In a world dearly won

Well it’s yours love

You can move it around

Given all the drops in the ocean

Better take it one sip at a time

Somebody with an antique notion

Comes along to tighten the line

They’re just afraid of you speaking your mind

After The Shins many of you chose the Avett Brothers. They share wholesomely creative alt/indie/rock with passion. Here is a love song of epic proportions, if you were to sing these sweet words, I would be butter melting on a hot day. Love… Love… Love.

The Avett Brothers-I Wish I Was


The next anticipated band playing at High Water Festival is Shovels and Rope, They were actually the curator’s of the festival. With their latest album, Little Seed, you can listen and you will hear and begin to grasp the deep roots of the South Carolina Lowcountry. I  honestly appreciate their folk/alt tribute to the south, for the Lowcountry I love, and for the region as a whole.

Beautiful music and wisdom way beyond their young years, Shovels and Rope will win your heart. Within this song is a joyous anthem….What is not to adore about this bourgeoning band with depth and a heartfelt story like album, Little Seeds?

A favorite track of mine is this sweet song.

“…This life may be to good to survive…”

Shovels and Rope-St Anne’s Parade

Well, and of course, 2016 the Spoleto finale darlings, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, came next in the must see bands. With one of the most visually exciting acts to witness, dance to, and sing-a-long with, Nathaniel Rateliff makes another appearance and may even shower us with new music. There is an album coming sometime soon….they have chatted here and there about writing and recording. So fingers crossed, but their music is a celebration of life and music, whether it is new or old. I must give full disclosure, I am a dancing nut. I am a South Carolinian solely by living there the longest of any other place. In that state, I learned to shag and dance ( beach music capital)….this song has the perfect tempo for the shag and yes, the occasional stellar pretzel move…..

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats-Parlor

Last but certainly not least, many of you were thrilled about seeing Jump Little Children. Charleston is their home city. They will be among their followers and I expect a show beyond all shows!

Here is a favorite song of mine….and one that certainly tipped the scales for them.

Jump Little Children-Cathedrals

So nobody in my raffle mentioned Dawes, but honestly Dawes is a serious favorite of mine. I adore music that is lyrically weighty and embedded in a catchy tune which totally takes me unaware. I find myself just humming a Dawes tune randomly and then I have to hear it, again and again.

I can’t resist a simple guitar and storylike lyrics….I see it, feel it, and my heart beats to it.

Dawes- For No Good Reason

Hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of High Water Fest. Stay tuned for my other picks of must hear music.

Thanks to all who entered my festival raffle! Love you all for your enthusiasm and support!




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