The Wood Brothers- American Heartache



Spontaneous gatherings are the absolute best. A few days ago, I received a random text…”Are y’all around, we are looking for an excuse to make sangria?”

What began as a simple text, became a great party of dear friends new and old, all sipping on the quintessential peach sangria. Yep, I live in good old Georgia and peaches are the best right now. To compliment the perfect cocktail, we all brought a dish of food. I am not sure about other places, but here in the south, everyone brings a dish and the food becomes a spread worthy of a King’s table. A tad gluttonous, but always yummy, yummy, yummy. I admit I have trouble with restraint when it comes to pot-luck, I typically end up with a horrendous mound of every delectable taste.  Who wants to miss out? If you snooze on a dish, you lose and it will be gone before you know it. I’ll think about exercising again real soon, I remember I promised my grumbling tummy.

We sipped and ate, shared funny stories, and sat on the most perfect front porch, joggling board included. As the sun set and darkness crept in, we graduated to desserts and other sips as the sangria ran dry. Among the late evening conversation, we discussed the music everyone was listening to, the concerts coming up, and the best seats at music venues.

I am always listening to hear what music others appreciate. Especially when I know they may not have the same amount of time invested in seeking out new music or my same taste. So when discussion of a must-see concert came up, it peaked my interest.

It is fitting to choose a song created and recorded in the heart of Nashville. I appreciate the southern rock, Americana, folk sound and listen on occasion. Today, after our  joyous gathering, I dug deep into the music of a band my friends were all discussing and found the perfect song for my Mood Monday.

Mood Monday



I have been a little shell shocked with the events of the past week or two. Okay, maybe the past six months. Everyday brings a barrage of ugly non-presidential actions, taking away rights or negatively responding to conflict. I gather in front of the news with a heavy heart and watch the fabric of our great country fade and tatter in the midst of each political development.

For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed by the actions and inactions our country is taking. I am appalled at the selfish and divisive comments of politicians, and angry residents. Where is the love for one another? Where is the pride in our accomplishments we make united? Where is the calm strength of a nation built by ALL people, ALL colors, ALL faiths, and ALL ages, and ALL sexual orientations?

As we head into the Fourth of July, I fondly recall songs and music which bring tears to my eyes reminding me of the love I have for my country. But today, I am deeply confused, embarrassed by the actions of those in authority, and disturbed by the deep divide of those who have, and those who have not.

Thanks to the gathering of my friends, each reminded me that our country is built on sharing, caring of each other, and dreams to work toward and eventually realize. Today, I am wishing for dreams. Dreams of a country committed to a better understanding of differences and disparity, inclusiveness and trust restored, and most of all civility when speaking to those who think differently.

For now it is an ache, a heartache. But I dream of a future in which I can be proud of my country and its leaders once again.

This song says it all. Thanks, dear friends for opening my ears to something new.

The Wood Brothers-American Heartache

“Everything I need is blowing in the breeze
Everything I want is just down stream
Everything between my ears is just a dream

I never stay still, I’m always in motion
Flying in a tin can, hanging by a shoe,
sitting on a plastic throne, living like a king

stuck in a dream
stuck in a dream

It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache

I wanna make peace but I don’t have the skills
when I feel pain I reach for the pills
I wish I had a body of steel but I’m over the hill

stuck in a dream
stuck in a dream

It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache

Nothing is wrong, nothing’s at stake,
I only feel bad when I can’t have it all
I only feel bad when I can’t have it all

stuck in a dream
stuck in a dream

It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache
It’s only american heartache

I only feel bad when i can’t have it all”





The Wood Brothers have a steeped history in music.

“Singer, songwriter and guitarist Oliver Wood forms one half of the roots-music duo the Wood Brothers. The other half, Chris Wood, developed his extraordinary bass chops studying with some of the finest players in jazz. On their many albums, the pair have refined a soulful blend of blues, folk, back-porch funk and other forms built largely on the foundation of Oliver’s guitar and his brother Chris’ stand-up bass.”

Amazingly new to me, I enjoy exploring their storytelling lively tunes, with the typical enhancement of a raucous harmonica. Chris Wood sets up the tune by explaining,

“The American dream is alive and well, but comes with side effects. Our culture cultivates the feeling that you can never have enough. It’s a tragic luxury and a modern version of desire that was invented here along with blues, jazz, rock & roll, football, 24-hour news and ‘free’ market capitalism. The song is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but pathetically true.”

Even though it was recorded a few years ago, “American Heartache”, rings deeply true today. Maybe you have always known The Wood Brothers to be a talent deserving of your ears, or maybe like me you are a new listener. Well, here is your chance to see their magic live. Touring with the uber talented and successful Tedeschi Trucks band, here’s the link, The Wood Brother’s Tour .




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