New Music from Omni with “Equestrian”

This song came to my inbox and it was a happy find. Not only do I adore this Atlanta band, I am pumped by their pulse of energy, the lyrics and the nature of the song, and how closely I can relate. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what music is all about? Finding a connection with the words and the feelings associated with the merging of instruments and voices?

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Yesterday, I took one of those silly quizzes on Facebook. I imagine them to be a trolling, scheming plot, but it intrigued me. Fifteen questions to determine if you are engineer material.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.55.28 AM

I have delved into the left brain/right brain quiz, my mood based on my color choice, personality introspection, and even the quote which sums me up as a person. So this probably sounds a little pathetic, but at my age, I am still trying to “find” myself. I recognize these dumb quizzes aren’t really helping, but when I reach 100% at something (like today, and the time I achieved a  perfect grammar score), it pumps me up for a nanosecond.

Despite my leanings to become an engineer, I have a deeper need to express my creativity. Whether it be writing short stories, the music blog, art, or poetry as of late, it simply can’t be suppressed. Granted, there are days when my well feels deathly dry and days when I can’t get my words out fast enough. I am thankful for this blog because it provides me a much-needed outlet to vent, love, dance, and rebel, all in the name of music. It is a catalyst for all sorts of unrealized dreams and imminent projects waiting in the wings.

As of my count today, I have thousands of emails. Did I tell you how office unorganized I am? I try to get through them all, but I find it to be tedious and frustrating. What am I putting off? I love the music, but unfortunately, there is a great deal of music out there that doesn’t speak to me. For me, if I don’t absolutely love it, I will not share it. You won’t hear a scathing review on this blog, simply because I believe in the idea, “to each his own” and recognize the hard gut wrenching work of an artist. My other difficulty is hearing something jaw dropping and wonderful, only to lose it in the midst of all the newest music emails. I wish I had a better system.

Therefore, I rarely scoop anyone on new music, but by taking my time, I sink deeply into a sound, a band, and a story. That’s how I like it. On occasion, I am happy to report, I have predicted a few bands to break through the ceiling and hit the big time. It is a positive charge of mine to have seen them way back when they were appearing before almost an empty bar. I have a devoted group of music publicists, record companies, and incredible bands who push amazing music to me, and for that I am so very thankful. Please don’t give up on me. I always listen with good intentions, and will try to get back to you. I do listen, even if I only make it into one minute of a song.

So, this past weekend was a wash. With looming e-mails and to-do lists that would resemble Santa’s list of gift recipients, I accomplished very little. The weather was beautiful and sparkling, but I was too emotionally paralyzed and decided to wade the dark storm within myself by simply breathing and literally doing nothing. Feeling overwhelmed, forgotten, and pretty down on myself, my insecurities suddenly became  paramount in my head. Through a few cleansing tears, glasses of wine, and heartbreaking movies, I woke up this morning feeling much better.

I am typing. This is a very good thing.

My mood is on edge. I am at the fictitious peak of a jagged cliff navigating my way down a steep mountain. My shoes have little tread, so I am wonky, at best. Each step is a baby step to where I think I should go. But I find myself questioning the direction, the purpose of my journey, and my own sanity for believing in a music blog that I guess at with a gut feeling and can easily talk myself out of spending time on, if it requires too much work. I am a nurturer of all who are close to me, but rarely nurture myself or take the time to care for my writing compulsion. As a result, I wait until everyone is away or deep in slumber, and end up finishing at crazy, late hours to squeeze it all in. I give in to others a lot, I silently steam when I am let down, and I brood when I don’t make time to meet my needs. Somehow, in all of that, I forget who I am, my wants, or wishes.

As a result this blog, has a short hiatus. When I don’t understand myself, it is hard to write about music. Go figure. Thus, I indulge in the time-filling, mindless activities like taking dumb quizzes. How has my world come to this absurd and utterly ridiculous affirmation?

Enough about me and my woes.

When I began to feel better, I made a point to check those unread emails. And this song was a sweet surprise!


(Omni photo by Sebastian Weiss)


Omni is an Atlanta trio, who capture the stop and go jolt of vocals, jump dance vibe, and press the refresh button on a punk era that created a happy raucous of faithful fans. Do they sound familiar? Yes, I have shared their music before. Exploring Omni’s newest song, “Equestrian”I recognize depth within the feel good tune. They conquer a storytelling style with vigor and add exclamation points. What is expressed is up for your own personal interpretation, but it spoke to me.

“check into the wrong girl, it’s not your style,

you can’t afford it, you know your worth it”

Don’t we all feel we are worth an upgrade in life? Whether we believe that in our core is another story. Splurging for simple effect can cause us to question expectations and desires and can prove a bit problematic. But for today, after my weekend of the doldrums, I appreciate the simple humanity of their song hidden in a popping, jumpy beat. So Omni might roll their eyes and chuckle, but my personal illumination from “Equestrian” is to seek a worthy life; recognize your inner value; move quickly past the seedy, hard parts; look back at how far you’ve come; and feel appreciation for any surprising upgrades or advantages.

Omni has a new album, Multi-task through Trouble in Mind Records, out in September. After swooning over this song, I have big expectations. Omni’s debut release, Deluxe  jumped onto the national stage due to its original jangly post punk sound and drums meant for head bopping. The band created refreshing new music and quickly became a favorite of mine last year. I look forward to seeing them live. They are playing shows non-stop in the US and abroad, beginning with Atlanta (The Earl) on July 20th. Check out their schedule,  HERE.

My personal answers lie in focusing on what my heart most desires. I can’t claim music expertise, I just know what I know, and I have to share…despite the numbers of readers. Day by day, I will continue to experience the music from the masters of creativity and weave them delicately among my life, hoping the music might also connect with you.

After a weekend of sloth-dom, I learned a deep lesson to not punish myself and disregard the one thing that brings me the most joy. Despite my random scribblings, this is a lifeline of sorts for me, and I really do appreciate you all checking in from time to time. For in the end, “I can’t afford it, but I think I might be worth it.”

Remind me you are out there. Pretty sure the bands would want to hear from you too.



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