Chris Leamy-Hold Ground

Mood Monday.

Today, I am feeling very fortunate. It is the start of a new month and a new attitude of gratitude.

I love my life. When I focus on the positive, I can’t help but recognize; I have a lovely home that shelters me, I never miss a meal, I can express my creativity, I am surrounded by people who have a sense of adventure and humor, and I am blessed with close relationships that are deeply meaningful. While summer is coming to an abrupt end, I am aware of how lucky I have been these past few weeks to relax and take a break from a crazy, busy agenda.  Don’t get me wrong, I am capable of stacking up giant lists of things I want to accomplish, but I am still lucky to be able to choose to work on my personal goals and aspirations. So many others are not able to have that luxury because they are worried about the next meal, or place to sleep, or simply survival.

Lately, I have been swirled up and involved in the tornadic activity of the new administration in the White House. It has sparked my need to make phone calls and write letters for change. In doing so, I  lost an important focus on those in need, in my own community.  I have thought long and hard about this. And snap….this song and this artist landed in my inbox.

True inspiration…

Ideas are brewing in my head and in my heart. I can’t wait to share these bubbling ideas with you all, but I am still working out the kinks and the details. In the meantime, I have to share the powerful song which helped me focus on an important goal of mine, as well as the singer/songwriter who clearly has a caring heart and a voice to shake you into noticing.


Chris Leamy-Hold Ground

“…I got you
You got me
We got everything the world said we were not allowed
You want the truth?
Are you scared like me?
We got everything to lose but we will not stand down

Hold Ground…”




Chris Leamy is a singer/songwriter in New York City. One day, he was approached by a homeless woman who expressed her desire to have a guitar like his, in order earn more money. He was struck by the idea that she wanted to share a skill to panhandle more effectively. Her inquiry and Chris’ passion for live performance began the movement #heplaysforme. Chris plays his music on the streets of NYC paired with a homeless person, and all of the cash generated from the performance is given to the homeless person. Through #heplaysforme, he has made friends with those he would have never approached before and has helped many…even if it is just a few extra dollars that day or a way out of homelessness.

Now, Chris Leamy has gone from Wall Street banker to building songs that give back. His newest song of strength and perseverance, “Hold Ground”, is so powerful, I can’t help but root for his success. The song is an anthemic, pounding of resilience, worthy of cranking up the volume to full blast. If “Hold Ground” was a flavor it would be spicy and savory. It swings from percussive drums, clapping, and full blown background voices singing chorus, to sudden full stops with a quieter piano background, and Chris’ soft yet expressive voice.

A pop song winner is born!

Here is a little more of his story…




Learn more of his songs and his street stories by checking out his Facebook Page HERE.

Finding the humanity and heart in a harsh unpleasant exterior can be life changing. I hope he might inspire you to be kinder, as well as give back to those in need. His actions have certainly motivated me.

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