The Killer Whales Reunion 2017 in Photos

Devoted fans flocked to the South Carolina coastal town of Isle of Palms last Friday night to once again relive The Killer Whales era. After ten years of writing, recording, and performing, their music left an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of their fans. Friday night’s show was sold out almost as soon as it was announced, and it was as if 20 something years vaporized into yesterday.

I was looking forward to the raucous and rowdy Killer Whales Reunion Show of course, but I couldn’t wait to catch up with friends I don’t see enough. Living in Atlanta, we hit the road early Friday, and rolled across the bridge to the Isle of Palms by mid-afternoon.

Guess what was playing most of the way?

We settled into our comfy ocean front AirBnB, just a mile or so up the road, and walked out to the beach with a cool beverage and counted down the minutes until showtime! Once we were refreshed, changed, and ready, we headed to the Windjammer to eye the venue, check in, and see who was around. This island is pure paradise and every picture is Instagram worthy.


We arrived and found the perfect parking space steps from the entrance to the Windjammer. Funny, on our way over we were approached by several people a bit panicked about parking. Already, the excitement was building, and I wasn’t even at the door yet!


I picked up my VIP pass (this was a cool perk) and entered to see the band working out sound check and logistics up on the stage.


After talking with the guys, I realized I had just enough time for a quick bite. So we stepped down the beach and ate a hurried meal with a gorgeous ocean view. The hour was approaching and I was thrilled, a bit hyper, and ready for the show to begin!

The merch was out.

DSC_0551.JPGDSC_0552 2.JPG

Toniella’s art was displayed for all to see. You should follow her on Facebook,  she told me she was creating and updating on the regular. Maybe you might consider commissioning her to paint a special song for you. I believe these were “Marlene”.


Tonya captures important songs with her art beautifully. I nabbed this great image off of her Instagram page (credit-@toniella77). At the end of the show, I returned to visit and many of her paintings were gone…sold!


At this point, I strolled through the crowd looking for fans. I spotted these cute gals from Awendaw and their t-shirts were a favorite of mine! I even added them to my permanent fan page photo at the foot of my blog.


That’s when I was called outside to greet my buddies from college. They had arrived and were waiting on their tickets. I ran to say hello and grab a picture of the crew! Craig was one lucky guy to be included in this photo… just saying!


I then popped up the stairs to the green room where the meet and greet was happening. It was a busy place, lots of fans, and a selfie here and there. David Bethany wasn’t sporting his Hawaiian shirt this go round. He wore a ruffled tuxedo shirt with a simple black vest. It proved to be a perfect throwback to the era!


I want to give a shout out to the bartenders and staff at the Windjammer, they were friendly and efficient. Check out their fun drink choices….


The venue was packed and everyone was buzzing! I saw so many people I haven’t seen in years and years. So when Murphy Pitts (drummer of The Whales) stepped up to the mic to get things going, I took a double take, because I was sent back in time.


He welcomed everyone and introduced the support band, Rik Cribb and The Problems-Jeff Mangan, Jason Ridenhour, Rik Cribb, Doug Waters, and Derek Cribb

Let me tell you, they pumped up the audience and totally rocked the house!





DSC_0571 2.jpg

I couldn’t help but spot some friends dancing in the front row!

DSC_0579 2

The Killer Whales were next…..

There was a skinny minute to check in with friends and say hi and collect a sip of wine.


The Killer Whales were all on stage (David Bethany-lead vocals, guitar, Tom Lentz-bass, and Murphy Pitts-drums), They gave a warm welcome to their loyal fans and then set The Windjammer on fire with their first song of the night, “Here In The Modern World”.









DSC_0656 2.jpg

DSC_0661 3.jpg


They worked up the giant crowd packed like sardines. They couldn’t help but dance and sing along. I love that I captured this high five when The Whales played a familiar tune.


We were hot, sweaty, and oh so jubilant!



A pumping bass in motion.






DSC_0731 3.jpg


I scrambled up to the green room to try for some good shots from above.





Up there I met a couple listenin’ and chillin’ .

DSC_0713 2.JPG

It was a nice spot from the maddening crowds!


I worked my way down the death flight of steep stairs (again), and thankfully there were helpers who would shine their phone flashlights so I wouldn’t trip. I seriously worried about landing in that trash can.


I also realized the fans on the steps had a pretty good view, outside of the dancing crowds.


Working my way through the crowd, I had a chance to hang out with my buds for an itty bit.




Thankfully we were treated to an encore of great songs that left us all wanting more.



The electrifying night ended with a cover of Elvis Costello’s “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding”. Still as poignant today, as it was when they covered it back in the 80’s. The Killer Whales emit a warm firepower and never-ending talent. The crowd went home satisfied and amazed at the successful time travel to nirvana. I imagine this photo expresses how the band felt playing their tunes in front of adoring fans once again!



Other than the friendships I forged, my poster, my Killer Whales koozie, and the music memories from the night….this is my coveted prize!

Hey guys, let’s don’t wait so long for next time!


Cause surely, there will be a next time!

DSC_0749.jpgWant to learn more check out my interview, HERE!


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  1. Hey, Tom Man! This was great to see you in action! I would have loved to have been there!

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