Phil Cook-Skin and Bone (featuring Shirlette Ammons and Tamisha Waden)

Mood Monday


Don’t judge me.

I  have been watching endless feed of flooded homes in the Houston area. The vision brings back a terrible private, personal, and painful experience of losing my own home to the rains that followed a category 4 hurricane. Let’s just say, I can somewhat begin, only slightly, to understand the terrible year or two they have ahead of them.

It is hell.

But amazingly, it also defines and determines basic needs and wants. The question of what is important becomes a never ending narrative. I ask you, can you list the most important “things” in your life? What would you carry out on your back in a tragic flood? It begs thought and contemplation.

I imagine what you think might be important becomes less so, in a fast moving worrisome tragedy.

The media doesn’t discuss or invade the lives of those that are photographed or interviewed. We see them isolated in one moment in time. Sadly, the media probably won’t follow up on the families broken and the ones which buckle under the stress of it all.  Let me be clear, it will happen to the closest of families. I witnessed the hardship of those that made bold decisions to stay or to leave. It will take years for them to heal…..

So I have been weepy all day.

I have donated to the Red Cross, have you?

It is worth the simple $10 or whatever you can spare, by texting 90999. Then type Red Cross. Every donation helps. It is a small gesture, but a worthy one. And, 6 months down the road when the cameras leave,  follow up and ask again what they might need.

Here is a song that has a juicy meat to it’s sound, despite it’s title.

Phil Cook-Skin and Bone (featuring Shirlette Ammons and Tamisha Waden)

“skin and bone and all we’re made of…. “

So when you see a photo from the flooding tragedy, think beyond and know there is more to it than the photo suggests…






Beautiful personal stories, lives and love. These are not simply skin and bone.

The song references the thing we all have in common, but it suggests that we are so much more. Look beyond differences, find common ground, and please help those in dire need, wherever they may be.


Phil Cook, is a Wisconsin native but now lives and creates out of Durham NC. He has embraced the region’s soulful, bluesy rock music. “Skin and Bone” combines those strong elements and builds on them with poignant rap lyrics, which conjure up depth and substance.

“I’ve wanted to collaborate with Shirlette Ammons for a while now and Tamisha Waden has been singing with the Guitarheels for a few years, not to mention her work with The Foreign Exchange and her solo career. I had a song idea that worked to all of our collective strengths so we threw it together for y’all.”

I found the song to be perfect for my mood today.  In my weepy mood, I needed a sweet pick me up song with a strong force behind it. We are all so much more than our skin and our bones. Aren’t we?



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