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At this time of the year everyone is reviewing the year, looking over the past, checking and rechecking what seemed to bring success, and what has made a dent in music history. But honestly, wake up y’all, there are bands making music and wishing the focus would be on the new, the exciting, and the innovative. There is so much out there to listen to and just not enough time to look back. So today, I am trying something fun and I am listening to new music with a happy blast of the past.


New on my radar, but maybe not on yours, is the band Allah-Las from Los Angeles. They have an album that came out this year called, Worship The Sun. Garage rock revivalists, they have a sound that alludes to the good ol’ days of rock and roll with a smooth twist of modern. There is a lot to listen to and a lot to enjoy. A favorite of mine on the album is “Ferus Gallery” and it definitely suits my mood today. “Ferus Gallery” is an instrumental song with surfing guitars and a beat that I love.. Don’t miss the crazy guitar strumming at 1:15. It is chill and fun. I can’t help but bop my head and tap my toes when I listen. Enjoy!

Ferus Gallery was an actual contemporary art gallery that was in LA from 1957-1966. It was a gallery and a community of culture of west coast artists. I can listen to this tune and think about the music that might have played in there. Very retro, very cool. Even though the song is new to me, the sound is solidly built on the strength of the past. All interesting music seems to draw from the obvious success of  the songs that came before.


Looking at the information out there on the Allah-Las, I can see that there is really no distinction between their creative projects. There is incredible art peppered throughout their Facebook page and website. The art paired with their music has such an appeal to me. The band is Matthew Correia (percussion), Spencer Dunham (bass), Miles Michaud (vocals, guitar), and Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar). From record store employees to  band members, I find their music to be quite intriguing and fun for this Monday. Check it out for yourself and listen to the album when you want to escape from today, but not really go back in time.








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    1. You are so very kind! Writing my ramblings and listening to music is the air that I breathe. I send it out in the world and never really know what happens. It is people like you that keep me going. Thank you! I love that you shared a band with me. They are amazing and now I will have a new obsession!
      Always listening,

      1. I’m glad I could be of assistance. Thank you for your wonderful reccomendations, I cannot stress it enough. That is like sharing part o ones soul to me. I’ll be looking out for you to post. I really enjoyed Proches – Prism

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