Six Songs-featuring Noah Kahan, Middle Kids, LVL UP, Overcoats, Souvenir Driver, and Jain

I have no words for what’s going on in my world. So, I am diving into the music hoping to find a life line of support to help me survive our new president’s agenda and this crazy place I don’t understand….won’t you join me?

Noah Kahan-Young Blood

Singer songwriter Noah Kahan is from a very small town in Vermont, but clearly has a large powerful sound with lyrics which solidify why I fell in love with this tune. Noah had an opportunity to head off to Tulane and study, but decided to sidetrack that and launch his musical career. You’ll clearly learn that he has talent from the first few notes and reminds me a bit of Ed Sheeran or even Hozier. Listen.



“The lyrics to his debut single ‘Young Blood’ read as a letter of encouragement and advice to himself as he embarks on this new adventure. He reminds himself to “be surprised, keep hungry.” Throughout unexpected challenges and new revelations, Noah is staying true to his nature; questioning everything and enjoying the ride.”

Middle Kids-Never Start

I first heard the band Middle Kids on SiriusXM radio. I paid attention, Shazammed the song, and then became buried in other new music. This video popped in my inbox from another blog I follow religiously, Songs For The DayAdam, from the blog, lives in Denver and posts some really great music. He tends to lean more country, folk, and Americana, but pretty often I find a song he posts that I just can’t ignore.

Middle Kids from Sydney, Australia is one of them. Hannah, Tim, and Harry are taking on the states soon with a Conan appearance on Feb. 14th, and a pretty busy tour schedule from the end of February through April. You should catch this band before they blow up!





LVL UP is a band out touring with Cloud Nothings. It struck me as the ultimate message from the universe to pay attention. So, I began listening to their latest album, Return To Love. Even though it was released in September last year, it is fresh new music to my ears. Pain” is a song I have been playing on repeat. I wish I had the backstory to this song, because the lyrics are unsettling and seemingly addressed to someone who inflicted a troubling pain. At 3:07, it has a steady build to crashing drums and cranked guitars that symbolize agony and frustration. Listen.



Over Coats-Hold Me Close

Overcoats is the New York-based female duo of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Two best friends who sing flawless melody and write songs about their  shared experiences of family challenges, love, and life. Their album, Young, will be released on April 21st. “Hold Me Close” is a tantalizing taste.

In their words,

“the song is about finding solace in the present when the future and past seem impossible to understand. It’s about loneliness and disillusionment that we can feel in relationships, and how we must persevere anyway in hopes of finding the beauty in love.”


photo credit Dustin Condren


Souvenir Driver-Winter Birds

Souvenir Driver, out of Portland, has put out a pretty cool EP with an Anti-Trump message. They are Travis Hendricks, Ethan Homan, Bob Mild, and Nate Wey.

They explained to New Noise Magazine,

“All songs on this EP were written and recorded between the period of Trump’s election and inauguration. To capture the urgency of our mood, we tracked it live with minimal overdubs (vocals and percussion being the only things added). All download proceeds go to critical non-profits.”

By downloading their EP, Brace Yourself, you can also support, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the ACLU. With the news happening faster than we can keep up, this seems like a genuine creative project born out of frustration with this administration and the daily penned executive orders that will change lives forever. Shoegaze with a message and a subtle punch.


Souvenir Driver




I have to leave you with a fun loving tune which will make you smile. I am in need of an infusion of joy lately and this artist, Jain, is the perfect remedy to this wonky world. Everything about this song makes me want to move and everything about this video is pure delight. Her sun soaked rhythm and reggae beat of the song, “Come”,  helped to catapult her fame overnight. She was recently crowned most promising pop star in France and has multiple awards from her album, Zanaka, which was released last year.  Listen and listen some more, when you need a boost of positivity.





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